There has been a sudden outbreak of rationality about elk and brucellosis. Good for Governor Schweitzer.

Feedgrounds under fire.
By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

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2 Responses to Montana's governor attacks Wyoming's elk feedgrounds

  1. Robert Hoskins says:

    Schweitzer is correct that the feedgrounds are the source of continuing brucellosis infection in the GYE. If he wants to pressure his counterpart Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal to close the feedgrounds, that’s a good thing. However, Gov Dave answers to the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association on this issue, not the State of Montana.

    A lawsuit against Wyoming by Montana over feedgrounds would be interesting.

  2. wyomingwind says:

    How sure is anyone it is elk infecting cattle? How about wolves? It has been proven that canines can carry and infect cattle with brucellosis abortus. Isn’t it the Slough Creek pack that is known for preying on buffalo? Wasn’t it the Slough Creek pack that was thought to have at least 3 pregnant females, and ended up with only 1 pup? Brucellosis a. causes abortion in canids, much like in cattle, though the canids show less signs of infection. They can shed the brucella a. in their urine and discharges for more than a year. Not to say that these are the facts regarding these particular animals, but that all wildlife can be suspect. Are they going to want to kill off all mammals (and birds) that can possibly spread brucella a. ? Kind of scary. How about buffalo burger instead of beef….


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