Rocky Barker: Ron Gillette's anti-wolf drive only had quarter of names needed to get on ballot

Anti-wolf drive only had quarter of names needed to get on ballot. By Rocky Barker. Idaho Statesman.

Barker sees Gillette’s new anti-wolf intitiative’s chances as dismal.

Update: Wolf petition is bogus. LTE. Idaho Mountain Express.



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  1. John Avatar

    Interesting replies on the article… as usual…

    Why doesn’t Ron Gillette just take up another hobby?
    I hear gardening does wonders for the mind and body.

  2. Kathryn Avatar

    While someone be covering Mr. Gillette’s appearance in court for us? I would be very interested in hearing ALL ABOUT IT!

  3. Kathryn Avatar

    sorry – will someone be covering Mr. Gillette’s appearance?

  4. Tim Z. Avatar
    Tim Z.

    I’m guessing the Idaho Statesman will cover it as big news.

  5. SmalltownID Avatar

    Lose the “e” on Mr. Ron Gillett for those who share the name and spell it Gillette 🙂

  6. sage mora Avatar

    This man is truly an idiot. He has no IDEA what he is speaking about. He is most definetly not a good steward for our ecology system.

    He is a red neck big mouth. He needs to be place out among the wolves and see what wonderful animals they are and not even THEY would harm a fool like him..but the fool that he is WOULD harm them

    RANCHERS…get a grip and come up with some creative ideas besides KILLING our wolves…a member of Earthjustice, Wildlife Defenders and Keepers Of The Wolves,

    Sage Mora


    Wolves are a important part of ecology system, not to mention there are many ways to deal with wolves besides taking them back to brink of extinction. I have been blessed to see a timber wolf in the wild, and I hear wolves around my home off and on…They bother no one here…Why do we always feel we have to kill wildlife to solve a problem? How would Ron like someone to trap him, shoot at him from a plane, and not for food, just for sport. People like him make me feel ashamed of the human race. Save the Wolves, sign a petition, and educate yourself about wolves…thanks…ladyofthelake


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