Yellowstone Park fire closes part of the Grand Loop road

Fire burns 800 acres, closes road in Yellowstone. By the Billings Gazette Staff and Associated Press.

The powerline caused fire is near LeHardy Rapids. This is the first large Yellowstone Park fire of the season.







  1. Martha Erbland Avatar
    Martha Erbland

    We are heading to Yellowstone from Cody tomorrow (Friday) We are staying in West Yellowstone. Are there any parts of the park that are closed? How do we bypass? Thanks

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    It looks like the Grand Loop Road from Fishing Bridge to Canyon may be closed due to the forest fire. That might be in your way.

    Check Inciweb

  3. mikarooni Avatar

    Martha, according to the latest report that I have seen, you can still get from Cody over here to West Yellowstone. Just come on into the Park (watch out for the Gunbarrel fire along the way). Then, when you come across Fishing Bridge and come up the hill to the south loop, turn left (south) and go around the south loop clockwise, around past the Old Faithful area, north down the Firehole to Madison Junction, then left (west) into West Yellowstone.

  4. sal Avatar

    However, it looks like it might be that the juction to the south loop could be closed. If that is so, you may need to head north to the Chief Joseph pass and come in through Cooke City/Lamar Valley. Then you could go to Tower falls to Canyon to Norris Jct. to Madison Jct. to West gate. Unless you feel like going through Jackson… long drive no matter which way you go.

  5. Jim Macdonald Avatar


    That doesn’t seem likely. The newest announcement on the fire was just posted on InciWeb at .

    The fire is burning to the northeast and away from the Fishing Bridge area. Of course, that could change, but the prognosis is good.

    I would definitely keep checking InciWeb, and of course, you can call the park at 307-344-2117 for travel information – that number works 24 hours a day.

  6. Jim Macdonald Avatar

    And, actually, the Grand Loop road has just re-opened, though no stops are allowed through the area and there may be delays as helicopters fly through.

  7. Dan Neff Avatar
    Dan Neff


    My favorite animal is the Grey Wolf and I am planning on leaving for the Lamar Valley on Thursday morning from Salt Lake City to try to see some wolves. I am returning to Salt Lake City on Sunday so I can get back to work. I have heard that the Lamar Valley is the best place to see wolves and the best campground is Slough Creek campground. I have rented a spotting scope because I know you shouldn’t and can’t get too close to the wolves. I am hoping that you could give me some current information on where the wolves are. I am also hoping you could give me some suggestion of whom to talk to, where to go, or what to do to increase my chances to actually see some wolves because this would make one of my dreams come true.

    Thank you,

    Dan Neff

  8. Peter Kiermeier Avatar

    Dan, a few general remarks, just in case nobody of the “locals” responds to your call and gives you a live update: Lamar Valley is the best place on earth to actually see a wild wolf. Unfortunately August is the worst month for wolf viewing, with the packs usually away in the remote valleys, even outside the official park boundaries. This should not discourage you! Go out to the Lamar valley before sunrise / sunset and look out for a crowded parking lot. There you got the dedicated wolf watchers on duty! There should always be a few around, even in August. And if not, stop your car, set up your scope and look around carefully, there´s always a bear or a bison or a coyote or something else around…….Enjoy!

  9. kim kaiser Avatar

    most action currently is the slough creek pack, there is an outsider hanging around, both in lamar and at the campground for viewing, druids are apparently in cache, occasional but spotty sightings of agates. some sightings of leopolds. as usual, hit or mis,,,


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