Democratic candidate Gary Trauner supports protecting Wyoming Range from gas drilling

I am putting this up because last week comments from a Wyoming resident said that Trauner was opposing this bill to withdraw the scenic and very unstable Wyoming Range from leasing for natural gas development.

The bill, sponsored by Wyoming’s two Republican senators had been advancing nicely until McCain and most Republicans candidates decided drilling in America’s last best places was a great campaign issue.

It turns out that Trauner suppots the bill, so the information provided by “Wyoming Native” was incorrect.

Story: House candidates divided on Wyo Range protection. By Brodie Farquhar. Wyoming Business Report.






  1. Wyo Native Avatar
    Wyo Native

    Thanks Ralph,

    That is good to know he does support the Wyoming Range Legacy Act.

    But he does need to change his radio add here in SW Wyoming because he states the following. “I do not support the Wyoming Range Legacy Act in it’s current form, Here in Wyoming, the potential for clean natural gas, cleaner coal, wind energy, solar energy and other forms of bio-energy is almost limitless. Wyoming must lead the way to a new, expanded and improved energy policy.”

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Wyo Native,

    Perhaps he endorsed the Act, and then got nervous?

    Anyone from Wyoming who can offer an insight?

  3. Wyo Native Avatar
    Wyo Native


    He may just be playing political games, but who really knows. The radio stations that are playing the adds and their listening audience, are in a some very strong Union counties that rely on the Energy Industries for a vast majority of jobs in this area.

    Political Misinformation has always been a big deal here in SW Wyoming. For example there recently was an add in our local paper from one of our biggest coal mining unions, the UMWA, which stated that Barack Obama supports the coal industry and expansion of coal fired power plants, while John McCain did not support coal powered industries because he supports Cimate Change Legislation.

    I would like to see something on Trauner’s website about the Wyoming Range because I am actually considering supporting him this year.

  4. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Yes, I checked out Trauner’s web site, but it was very general; too general in my opinion.

  5. vicki Avatar

    I guess it’s politics as usual. I just read that Obama has retracted his firm stance against off-shore drilling. I can only hope it is , as he suggests, with the intention of using limited drilling to compromise deals into effect that would drastically over-haul energy developement and use in this country.
    Let’s hope this guy is aiming ofr a positive change and can muster up the heuvos to follow through.
    Simply put, only time will tell.

  6. JB Avatar


    Is it politics as usual or reporting as usual? I don’t recall ever reading about a firm stance on off-shore drilling–except that they were pushing for oil companies to use or lose the leases they already have.

    Here’s a summary on their website:

    Here’s the Obama energy plan:

  7. vicki Avatar

    Thanks JB!
    I personally think part of politics is using reporting as a source of recruitment. By remaining vague, and giving out well timed tid-bits of info, politicians can keep people on the line. So, I remain cautiously hopeful, but unfazed by any changes to agenda….especially when it comes to changing your stand to pacifiy constituents and the public. It is not the nature of politics to remain unwaivering in your position…unless your position is a reason to go to war. (Had Bush said that we were going to Iraq to end mass genocide I would have been a supporter of staying put until we could assure it ended. But we see no help for genocide where oil cannot be gained.) Some still swear WMD existed and posed an actual threat in Iraq.
    But more to the point, I am hoping that Obama stays committed to alternative energy as it is a growing part of his platform. We need changes, and a decade is the most proactive time frame I have heard to date.I would guess he would relent to some degree because any major changes will not happen today…and mean-while American’s still need the feul required to sustain their very artificial standard of living.

  8. vicki Avatar

    Paris Hilton actually spoofed the recent McCain smear ad that included references to her. The very unexpected insight of her response was a call to compromise that would allow limited off shore drilling with very strict environmental over-sight while getting Detroit to”build mreo hybrid and electric cars”. The drilling would help out only until the changes kicked in.
    I was pleasantly suprised that she took a very forward thinking and reasonabley well thought out approach. Go Paris, way to advocate a change for the planet. My thought is that Hollywood is more influential than politicians are…watch out world, Hollywood is all about being green.

  9. robin Avatar

    Trauner seems lock sync with Obama, who signed Cheney’s energy bill. I am not comfortable with that and I am a democrat.

  10. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    Is there a typo because obviously Obama isn’t President?

  11. wayne Avatar

    Known this guy a long time and he is the real deal. Great bizman and honest. A top quality guy. We rarely get superior people to run for congress.


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