Biden on environmental issues

This concise article showed up in Grist Magazine today.

Here is Grist’s analysis. Biden on the issues.





  1. steve c Avatar
    steve c

    It would be nice to hear the candidates talk about non energy related environmental issues (ESA, protecting wilderness areas etc.) a bit more.

  2. Alan Gregory Avatar

    Indeed it would Steve; starting, perhaps, with protecting the American landscape from greed.

  3. vicki Avatar

    All these things are good subjects. It would be nice indeed
    I’d say though, that if all these two men accomplished in office was to reduce our dependence on ANY oil (foreign or domestic) and start us down the path of alternate uses..I’d be thankful. It would be such a vast improvement.
    But we should definitely press them for more!!!!!
    I am feeling some what optomistic today!

  4. Steve C Avatar
    Steve C

    I just worry that they are only talking about energy because there is so much buzz in the media about it right now and so much headline-potential.

  5. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    The real solution will come from technology innovation and improved efficiency.

    They are locked in old thinking.

    Here is an example of new things being discussed.

    Bacteria Power: Future For Clean Energy Lies In ‘Big Bang’ Of Evolution. ScienceDaily

  6. JB Avatar

    “The real solution will come from technology innovation and improved efficiency.”

    Agreed, Biden’s focus on biofuels is naive. Still, he was ranked higher by the league of conservation voters than either McCain or Obama and he brings the foreign policy experience that Obama is lacking. Although–in his defense–Obama has already managed to travel to Europe and at least look presidential, something G.W. Bush wasn’t able to accomplish in 8 years with all of the weight of the office behind him.

  7. vicki Avatar

    Biofuels may not be the answer, but atleast he is looking at the fact that oil is not the answer either. That is better than passing policies like GWB, to enable oil drilling at the expense of conservation. I am glad he isn’t feeding into the b.s. line that if we drill more “at home” we cn all have cheaper gas forever.
    Even if these guys don’t mention it, a new economy is being created based on the demand for different fuels. They will have to address it as economic developement at some point. They won’t be able to chalk new jobs up to drilling…look to those to be credited to creating efficient and renewable energy use.

  8. vicki Avatar

    How about Schweitzer and his speech at the DNC last night????

  9. vicki Avatar

    Uh oh…McCain just picked Little Miss Oil for his running mate. She talks a mean game, appealing to patriotism and America’s pride. Palin is a female, so look to some Clinton supporters to turn their heads to the other side. The woman can’t pronounce ‘nuclear’ ….sounding like GWB, saying “nucular”. Boasting she is the mother of a soldier, yet she won’t help get our boys home anytime soon if it means bg oil would suffer in their bank ledgers.
    She is pushing the ‘Commander and Chief” should be a vet angle…yuck. Maybe someone a little less war hungry and a bit more world opinion oriented would prevent some wars instead of ushing in conflict to the front freakin’ row!.
    This is a woman who has no signifigant experience, no large scale political history….merely a link to drilling in our last frontier…. where is her “Lifetime of Experience” Mr. McCain? Shame on the hypocritical approach. And thanks for setting back women everywhere. Now we don’t pick a running mate based on their stand on issues…we pick them for their ovaries….shame on you. And how can she call herself a strong woman, with working class roots and then knock back the progress of women who have tried to run for office based on their ability, their knowlege, and their quality and worth. She has to know the only reason she was asked to run is to win female votes…way to be the token white woman on the ticket! Uhhh, could McCain be more two faced?
    Watch out world, if these two win, we will all be hurting. I can say this type of “gung- ho”, ” stop the nuclear onslaught” crap is exactly what landed us falsely in Iraq…and would put enough debt and man power into protecting foreign oil that we could hear the word “draft” brought up.
    I figured an old timer like McCain would have pulled out the stops…but we have to stop this farce now! Vote no on war, vote no on big oil, vote no on destroying habitat, ….the only way to vote green would be to vote democrat…

  10. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    That’s my impression — Little Miss Oil. She is said to be a reform governor, given all the corruption with Senator Ted Stevens and his son, and Don Young with the oil industry paying them for legislative help.

    Palin is honest in that she gives the oil industry what it wants, not for a bribe, but because her principles are those of big oil. So her help comes for free.

  11. vicki Avatar

    It is early to tell how this will effect polls, what would be your take?
    Do you think we could start a thread on this so we could be linked…maybe get the word out via the web?

  12. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I wrote a brief story about her and just posted it.


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