Gillett walks for now. Jury trial ends without a verdict

Finally some details about the trial in which Ron Gillett escaped being convicted (or exonerated) in his altercation with Lynne Stone.

Gillett walks for now. Jury trial ends without a verdict
. By Jason Kauffman. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer.






  1. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    I think if I had been the prosecutor in this case, I would have asked for a change of venue! With the history of conflict in that area, I would think it would be hard to get a fair prosecution around there! I hope they choose to re-file the charges.

  2. Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.

    Other than taking pictures, I have no idea what “the camera thing” is.(Actually I know he was alluding to assault with a deadly camera).
    I do not know either person but when he referred to “the camera thing”, as a prosecutor I would have questioned how it is that he was intimidated by a woman that is still recovering from physical ailments and toting a camera.
    Also, if he is upset that wolves are killing animals, then, he must not himself as I assume he is a hunter.

  3. Buffaloed Avatar

    Sounds like a crappy prosecutor to me. I know Lynne and she has been scared to death of this jerk for a long time. It looks like western justice, i.e. intimidation and violence, is rearing its ugly head again.

  4. Moose Avatar

    This wasn’t about wolves…but in reality it ended up being about them…a split jury in Stanley should have come to no suprise to anybody. Ron G appears to me a bitter little man who feels powerless, and continues to lash out in response..just my 2 cents.

  5. Chuck Avatar

    Ok two things in the report bring up a red flag for me, first they state there was 6 inches of freshly fallen snow, then it goes on to say he pulled in to the pullout not knowing anyone else was there. That must be magical snow that tire prints don’t show up. Or Ron is lying thru his teeth. Of course everyone knew he would lie through his teeth. This tial was a joke. I would hope that the prosecuter does retry this case, but move it to another city where it might be a fair trial.

  6. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    She’s got a Canon Rebel digital camera and very careful with it. I doubt she was going to hit poor Ron with it.

  7. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I’d urge folks to simply wish he would have a change of heart after having injured Stone. You’re never too old to change.

    That’s what I’d hope people would say about what they wish would happen to him.

    Note: I felt I should delete a few comments.

  8. Mike Ice Avatar
    Mike Ice

    The prosecutor failed to convince the “jury” that all the evidence was there to convict Gillett. The fresh open wound on Stones hand could have been caused by Gilletts fingernail or ring when he grabbed her. Did the Deputy photograph Stones shoulder? There would be red marks on her shoulder if he was “shaking her so hard that his large white cowboy hat fell to the fresh snow.” The deputy stated that Gillett was “angry, I guess.” Is the Deputy afraid to tell the truth? It sounds to me like Stone had defensive wounds and or marks, Gillette did not. There are more clues that are obvious to me as to whom the guilty party was, but I guess when you have friends in the right places you can get away with anything.

  9. Moose Avatar

    Gee Ralph,

    There you go taking the high road. That’s no fun! 🙂

  10. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears


    I agree, hopefully, he would have a “change of heart” but after the number of years with hate, I have trouble believe Ron will ever change, he is blinded by that hatred and it runs his life…

  11. elbo Avatar

    Does anybody know of a case tried in Custer County that was found in favor of a plaintiff against cattlemen the likes of Ron Gillett??? I was recently threatened with arrest by both public land-grazing cattlemen and the Forest Service for cutting down a fence that they built on my land without my permission and refusing to allow them to trespass on my land to rebuild it. I am considering filing a lawsuit since the facts in the case are indisputable and their acts so egregious. I have no doubts that I would prevail ANYWHERE ELSE, but is it possible to get any justice in Custer County when you go up against a cattleman or the Forest Service??? Does anybody know of another case like this that has prevailed?


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