Enviro Group Expands Palin Wolf-Hunting Policy Ad Buy

Defenders raises a million dollars for more of the ad on Palin’s wolf hunting policy-

From the Washington Post. By Juliet Eilperin. Enviro Group Expands Palin Wolf-Hunting Policy Ad Buy

I notice it is slightly modified from the previous ad.






  1. April Clauson Avatar
    April Clauson

    WOW, that is great well worth the money spent on the video ad, to play it tonight close to the debate, is priceless!!! I am so glad to read comments on the article that are more positive than negative too. I believe this will help with Alaska changing this law, and help the Dem’s get a few hundred thousand more vote we may have not gotten!!!

  2. Peter Kiermeir Avatar

    Here in Europe, the Lady already provides material for satyrical cartoons. This week the “Stern”, one of the largerst german weekly magazines, shows a sequence of transforming her into a Pitbull: “The only difference between me and a Pitbull is my lipstick”.

  3. John Avatar

    When it comes to a choice between Sarah and a Pitbull… I much prefer to have the company of the Pitbull.


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