ESA suit on wolverines-

The Bush//Kemphthorne Interior Dept. of course rejected the petition to list the wolverine. The evidence is that the decision was made at high levels of Interior, not at the scientific level. Is anyone surprised?

So sue the bastards again.

Lawsuit seeks Species Act protection for wolverine. By Susan Gallagher. Associated Press.

News release from the Center for Biological Diversity.  Politics Overrules Biologists’ Views in Wolverine Decision  Bush Administration Continues to Ignore Science, Imperil Species

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4 Responses to Groups sue for endangered species act status for wolverines

  1. John says:

    Never expected that from you Ralph.

    When it comes to ecological concerns its science first, politics later (or never).

  2. John,

    What didn’t you expect from me?

  3. John says:

    “Sue the bastards again”
    Though I’m not saying it was not appropriately placed.

  4. frank says:

    All people get frustrated. I assume you are Ralph. We just have to hope this eventually ends.


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