Jeff Merkley's US Senate candidacy in Oregon is raising hopes among salmon fishers

Recent polls show Jeff Merkely tied or ahead of GOP incumbent Gordon Smith who has supported the Bush Plan (keep the dams) on the lower Snake River in Washington state.

This is a regional (Pacific Northwest) issue, not a Washington state issue. Most fishery biologists think worthwhile salmon recovery in Idaho can’t happen with these 4 river blocking navigation dams in place. They were would to make Lewiston, ID a seaport.

Rocky Barker opins on the race and the issue. Dam breaching an issue in Oregon Senate race. “Letters from the West.” Idaho Statesman.

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Photo of the Lower Monumental Dam (one of the four dams) on the lower reach of the Snake River in Washington State.






  1. dcookie Avatar

    Watching television ads in Oregon, you would never know what the issues are.

    Smith ads ~ there’s more than nature and i love everyone who extracts from it, plus that other guy loves rapists.
    Merkley ads ~ the other guy has million dollar golf clubs and he loves Bush, loves Bush, … loves Bush.
    Smith ads~ hey! i told Bush no once.. but that other guy has golf clubs too.
    Merkley ads~ rich people, oil companies, rich people, loves Bush, golf clubs, loves Bush..

    Apparently the issues are golf clubs and .. who you love…?

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Welcome to Idioacry at its finest.


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