This is the big question in the interior West-

So, naturally it doesn’t get covered on TV or the debates.

Barkers blog. Who is the West’s next federal landlord? Idaho Statesman.

I guess I’m not an “independent observer,” but Secretary Kempthorne did a good job as Secretary of Interior only in comparison with that Secretary Gale Norton and her crew, many of whom engaged out outright criminal activity such as favoring the oil industry after they had received sufficient drugs and/or sex.

If you want to think of someone scary, notice the mention of “Rep. Steve Pearce, a New Mexico Republican [U.S. Representative] likely to lose to Democratic Rep. Tom Udall in their race for the Senate.”

Pearce is one of the major players keeping those Catron County folks stirred up. He operates an oil field services company (like Dick Cheney, only much smaller than Haliburton).

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4 Responses to Rocky Barker on who will be the next Secretary of Interior?

  1. Brian Ertz says:

    Raul Grijalva 4 Secretarty of the Interior !

  2. JB says:


    We need to put an end to the tradition of appointing someone from the West to head Interior! Can’t we find someone from New York, Massachusetts, or maybe Hawaii to occupy the job? 😉

  3. Brian Ertz says:


    Grijalva’s got the credentials and a solid track-record of commitment to the public interest and science ~ good experience on Committee on Natural Resources and as Chairman of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands, Co-Chair of the Congressional National Landscape Conservation System – and a true champion of conservation, biodiversity, and wild landscapes.

    here’s a list of legislation Grijalva introduced in the 110th Congress

  4. Brian,

    Thanks for the list of bills Grijalva introduced.


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