Regarding Kempthorne's last minute regs to weaken the ESA

Obama has already said he will void it (but that is not always easy to do)-

Feds Rush To Ease Endangered Species Rules. 15 reviewers, 200,000 comments, 32 hours to go through all of them. by Dina Cappiello. Common Dreams.






  1. john weis Avatar
    john weis

    Like they give a damn as to what the comments say?? How long will it take for 15 reviewers to wad up 200,000 comments and toss them in the trash can?

  2. caleb Avatar

    John Weis,
    They care just as much as the state of wyoming cares about its own citizens opinons. When they had an open comment period for thier wolf management plan where over 70% of the people polled were against the plan saying it didn’t offer enough protection to the wolves, the stupid state went ahead with the plan anyway. They didn’t care at all what the people thought. The people who by law own the wildlife. Instead they think that just the hunters and livestock growers own the wildlife of the state.

  3. Salle Avatar

    Well, I do know that I heard, on the news about a week ago, that Kempthorne flat out told Congress that HE is the decider of environmental rules and mining permits etc. and that they had no jurisdiction over his policy changes!!!

    And that there was some 15 day public comment period but no info as to where comments were to be directed or when the ending date was….

    Gosh, I wonder if this was some epiphany or just overspill from the Cheney/Rove playbook.

    Then again, Kempthorne has never been a fan of the protectionist policies for public lands and the commons in general. Check his record as Gov and Senator for Idaho, one of the extractive industries’ long standing best friends…

  4. Virginia Avatar

    I spoke with Obama’s Wyoming state representative, Michelle Sullivan, in Cody at the Democratic meeting with the state candidates on Saturday. I stressed to her my concern about the gutting of the ESA and my concerns about the republicans stealing the election like they did in 2000 and 2004. She said Barack is aware and concerned about the ESA, but she let me know that the crisis in our financial situation is the biggest elephant in the room and at this time seems to take precedent over all other issues.


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