Wyoming disbands its wolf team

Jimenez goes back to the feds-

Story: Wyo to disband wolf team. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star-Tribune environment reporter.

I’ve got to wonder if this move indicates the feds don’t really think their latest delisting attempt will work.



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  1. Buffaloed Avatar

    I don’t see how the Fed’s delisting proposal can work when you combine the recent die-offs in YNP, the killing spree in WY by both private and government agencies, the massive kill off in Idaho which is being hidden, and the usual killing in Montana.

    I suspect that there will be either no growth in the wolf population and maybe a decline when the year is over.

  2. layton Avatar

    Aha Grasshopper

    You are somehow more informed than us mere mortals!

    Would you care to expound on this “massive killoff”? Or is this knowledge reserved for more exhalted beings?

  3. vickif Avatar

    I think he may be referring to data that was recently sighted on the Idaho Wolf Report. You can check it out here, a few threads back.

    Let me ask you, what is your take on this? And what is your take on the NEPA revamp(please comment on the appropriate thread though-:). )

  4. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    What it means is that the Wyoming Game & Fish Department has finally acknowledged that dual status is illegal and that the Wyoming Legislature won’t change the existing dual status law.

  5. Layton Avatar


    I just think it’s a hoot that Buffaloed is the first to bellyache about someone else putting out what he considers rumors and fairytales and DEMANDING “peer reviewed, scientific facts” and then he comes out with stuff like the entry above.

    Hey Buff,

    Is this a peer reviewed “massive killing” or is it just a SWAG?


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