Schweitzer’s old roommate will run the state’s wildlife agency-

Maybe someone from Montana could tell us if this is a hopeful appointment.

Because the old head of the agency was appointed by the right wing Governor July Martz, I’d speculate that this will be an improvement.

Story: Longtime Schweitzer friend tapped to run FWP. By Jennifer McKee Of The Billings Gazette Staff

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3 Responses to Longtime Schweitzer friend tapped to run Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

  1. jerry b says:

    I’ve been inquiring, but no one seems to know anything about him. Wonder if this will mean a shake-up in wildlife management? Bottom line…is he a servant of the livestock industry and will more or less wolves die?

  2. john weis says:

    This does not belong here, but those of you in south eastern Idaho might be interested in taking part in this on the proposed dam on the Bear River at the Oneida Narrows.

  3. Thanks John

    I know the area, and took the survey. However, it has a defect, and it stopped at 67% completion.


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