Longtime Head of House Energy Panel Is Ousted

Clean air champion Henry Waxman will be installed-

John Dingell of Michigan has chaired the powerful Energy and Commerce committee for many years (when the Democrats have controlled the House). This powerful committee has jurisdiction of the Clean Air Act as well as many other matters.

He has been the “Big 3” auto’s point man in Congress and bears much responsibility for the automakers fossilized and perhaps terminal conditional.

Finally some change. . . Waxman has been Dingell’s intraparty nemesis for years. He will move quickly to push through measures Dingell opposed.

Story in the New York Times. Longtime Head of House Energy Panel Is Ousted. By John M. Broder.
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Note: Over the years Dingell was helpful with some wildlife issues.

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Update 11-20-08: Henry Waxman’s victory is the biggest gift Obama could have asked for.
By Christopher Beam. Slate Magazine.

Update 11-21-08: Waxman win has ripple effects. Politico. By Patrick O’Connor and Ryan Grim

Energy and Commerce Subcommittee chairs are now pleading with Waxman to let them prove they are environmentalists.






  1. Virginia Avatar

    I think that this is some of the best news we have had – Waxman is relentless when it comes to doing the right thing.

  2. john weis Avatar
    john weis

    And Dingell has been relentless in doing the wrong thing.

    “”Congressman John Dingell has used his powerful position as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to protect the auto industry. He represents a district in Michigan, so this should come as no surprise. What does come as a surprise is that his wife is a high-powered executive at General Motors (now seeking a billion dollar bailout) and a descendant of the Fisher Brothers, one of the pioneering car families of Detroit whose corporation was absorbed by General Motors decades ago.””


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