Unusual grizzly bear attack on B.C. coast

Attack on timber worker came next to an operating helicopter-

Grizzly attack on forest worker baffles experts. Bear was not deterred by helicopter at logging camp; victim is in hospital. Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist





  1. Rob Avatar

    Perhaps they bears are just freakin’ sick of having their homeland plundered. Maybe it’s as simple, and as eloquent as that.

  2. John Avatar

    Maybe they should be hunted more frequently as there numbers are way to high now after being protected for so long. The bears are no longer being taught by the mother Grizzly to avoid humans anymore.

    This is just one of a very long list of horrible maulings or killings by Bears in the last number of years.

    Maybe some of these special interest people would feel different if they were the one being eaten alive just because they were in the area of the preditor not knowing it was even there to avoid it and or not having any negitive intents towards them.

    What are we supposed to do just stay in the house all the time
    and never go out and enjoy nature.

    To blame humans all the time is just a copout by special interest hater groups to push there own agenda sitting in there armchairs somewhere safe.

    It is just as much our right to go in to forested areas to enjoy nature. We should also have the right to defend ourselves from these preditors when we are attacked by them without provacation.

    Signed by
    sick & tired of animal rights people dictating that well meaning human beings lives are not worth anything and that the animal is always justified in mauling or eating someone for one reason or another.

    And Yes Bears do Eat people Alive if they are hungry, the media just always covers it up all the time if it happens and labels it a mauling.


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