Steve Cobble says lets have "Grijalva for Interior and Solis for EPA"

From the Huffington Post-

Grijalva and Solis. Column by Steve Cobble.

And from New West. Grijalva Obama’s Best Bet at Interior. By Joan McCarter.





  1. kt Avatar

    The buzz about Grijalva as Interior Secretary just keeps growing!

    There are two editorials (one may be an opinion piece) in Arizona papers in support.

    Grijalva is the 21st century choice. The other names mentioned are the plodding, old school crowd. Those other fellows would be guaranteed to prolong damaging practices that benefit a small number of “commodity” interests profiteering off the public’s land. And keep everybody at loggerheads over issues/uses that common sense and vision are needed to solve.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but having suffered through Bush BLM head Kathleen Clarke’s “SWILL” – Sustaining Working Landscapes – i. e creating even more of a taxpayer -subsidized Welfare Support System for the fewer than 20,000 Public Lands Ranchers in the entire West, I can’t bear to think of four more years of meetings to discuss anti-science rangeland myths.

    This is no time for plodding – too much has been lost under Bush, and is on a trajectory to Doom unless a real visionary and leader is put in charge. Time to view the public lands for their water conservation values – instead of allowing uses that foul the streams and springs, for buffering climate change effects, for wildlife and biodiversity conservation, and for their intrinsic values to society — open spaces, beauty, quiet.

  2. timz Avatar

    Wish Obama would hurry up and make that call. Hopefully Wyoming’s (Freudentahl’s offfice) ridiculous commets this week on wolf delisting gets his name crossed off the list.

  3. Brian Ertz Avatar

    “The environment is connected entirely to time: The more time you lose or waste, the less protection you have.”

    – Raul Grijalva 2006

    another :

    “Setting the stage for future victory is critical, as is drawing a line in the sand about what’s right.”

    it seems to me the man gets it.


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