Grijalva gets Hispanic groups' backing for Interior chief

Article suggests the choice will be Thompson-

Grijalva gets Hispanic groups’ backing for Interior chief. By Tony Davis. Arizona Daily Star.

Thompson would do little for Obama. He’s from the wrong state. Obama needs a Hispanic. Appointment of a secretary for favors the issues of sportsmen groups will not drag many away from bogus issues like “they’re going to take our guns.”





  1. john weis Avatar
    john weis

    “”U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., is probably the most serious contender, but “I wouldn’t rule out Grijalva yet,” said Daniel Weiss,,,,.””” I wouldn’t believe anything Daniel says: he doesn’t even know how to spell his last name.

    This is an interesting contest between a white hunter with Pelosi’s backing versus an Hispanic non-hunter with the backing of a powerful new constituency that was instrumental in getting Obama elected and will only become more important in the years to come. Obama is in a pickle, but, from what I can tell, either Thompson or Grijalva are a hell of a lot better than we have had. Which has “vision” do you think? We need a Sec. of Interior with “that vision thing”.

  2. vickif Avatar

    I think the best thing Obama could do is appoint Grijalva and put this “they are going to end hunting and take away our guns” b.s. What would the argue then?

    I don’t give a crap if Grijalva is purple, and could care less if “hispanics” support him (Before anyone bashes me, my mother is a Gonzlaes-save it). That has sqwat to do with the position. It is a job that needs to be held by someone who has the best interests of the environment, and the general public in mind. Not just hunters, or sportsmen (And again, I hunt and fish). A healthy environment promotes a healthy hunt and good fishing. You cannot have one without the other.

    Besides, not having hunted doesn’t mean Grijalva is an enemy of hunters. He probably loves the environment for many of the same reasons they enjoy hunting, the experience of the outdoors, the commeradery and the solitude, the smells, the sights, the challenges.

    The fact that Grijalva strives to assure the best outcome for energy use speaks volumes, if you believe that transitioning to cleaner sources will take compromise for the first stretch. I do. He promotes the most responsible outcome, and the most reasonable outcome within the expectations of the public. He recognizes that you cannot flip a switch and turn off polution. He knows you cannot just quit energy dependence cold turkey, but you can quit promoting and expanding the horrific practices we currently use. He has that “vision thing”, along with the fortitude and perceveiring attitude it will take to accomplish what needs to be done.

    If Thompson gets in, we who value predators will be screwed. Any info on where Thompson has stood on wolves, his stand on aerial hunting (Safari Club is alarming to me), how he feels about public land grazing????

  3. vickif Avatar

    I meant to say “put this “they are going to end hunting and take away our guns” b.s. to rest once and for all.

  4. Jon Way Avatar

    Once again, why should hunters/sportsmen have so much say in this – not that they do.
    What about all of the wildlife watchers that are much more numerous and generate more economic activity nationwide?

  5. Salle Avatar

    “What about all of the wildlife watchers that are much more numerous and generate more economic activity nationwide?”

    I agree entirely. I want someone in that cabinet position who carries the interests of ALL, not just the special interest groups who hunt and fish. Those groups have had far too much influence over policy for far too long and THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE. They have held sway at the expense of the rest of us, not to mention non-game wildlife, and had too much influence over how the state agencies function ~ to the detriment of the wildlife that provide balance to ecosystems, like carnivores and predators for instance.

    In Idaho, the F&G mission statement clearly points out that all wildlife are managed for the purpose of harvest. There’s something terribly amiss with such a mindset, it shows that these agencies are there specifically to maintain imbalance for the sake of harvesting specific species with little regard for the actual necessity of predators and the balance of nature required to sustain healthy ecosystems that will in turn sustain healthier air and cleaner water for all life. We need to look beyond just the selected few that create revenue by way of imbalance and continuous threats to the health of all living things.

    Don’t forget that the number of hunt and fish folks are down so they don’t really represent a majority by any means.

    Grijalva, por favor!

  6. JimT Avatar

    Obama needs to signal to Pelosi that this is HIS cabinet, not hers. She has the House, and there is enough for her to do and manage there, especially with the Blue Dogs a constant threat to vote with the other side of the aisle. I agree..Thompson is just another hook and bullet guy and a sell out, in my opinion, to the usual panoply of western power brokers. It really is time that Obama’s transition team and Podesta especially heard from the environmental side–loudly and often. I am fearful we will get rolled again because of Obama’s unfamiliarity with Western issues and the fact the economy is so crappy, the issues of the Interior appointments may not get the attention it deserves. So..if you know folks on the transition team, write them, early and often. And post to Obama’s website as well….let them hear that Grijalva is our guy.

  7. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    Even though I’m a hunter, I’m troubled by Thompson’s relationship with traditional hook and bullet organizations, and especially troubled by the relationship with Safari Club International, which has a poor record in supporting wildlife as a public trust, instead supporting questionable ideologies of privatization and commercialization of wildlife. I doubt we’ll get any real change out of him.

    Grijalva’s greater respect for science and ecosystems ought to give him the upper hand. If not, we’ll deal with what comes.


  8. monty Avatar

    Yes, we need a Sec. of Interior that has “vision” someone who values wildlife for cultural and spiritual values and not as a trophy or rug. This is the one area that worried me about Obama in that he totally is a product of an urban environment with no ties to the “Big Wild”. From reading both of his books, I doubt that he has ever spent time hiking or visiting parks & forests & such. However, he did visit a national park in Africa.

  9. JB Avatar

    Thompson doesn’t help Obama; though I admit, I would get a good hardy laugh from knowing that a Californian headed Interior–just thinking about how most Westerners would react to this brings a smile to my face.

    Grijalva is the right choice. He brings change, he’s from the West, and he helps Obama with Hispanics.

  10. vickif Avatar

    given Obama’s comments to the magazine, I question if Grijalva has a chance. I think it might be a bit early in the game for him to start getting called a liar, he may playthis cautiously.

    I wonder how (if appointed) to EPA, JFK Jr. will help push things?

  11. steve c Avatar
    steve c

    It is pretty disappointing that Obama is waiting until last to announce his environmental/ energy related positions. I hope especially with the energy crisis and state of our interior department that these issues are not at the bottom of his priority list.

  12. Brian Ertz Avatar

    What more would Thompson bring the hook & bullet crowd at Interior than Grijalva ? Nothing – this whole hunting litmus-test is pretty weak unless the signal is that Thompson will capitulate to anti-predator sportsmen groups at FWS. Otherwise – it’s largely a question of how stringent water and habitat preservation measures will be enforced. There is no better than Grijalva – on the record – and too much uncertainty with Thompson.

    If Obama wants to avoid being called a “liar” he’d be better advised to veer-off of appointing yet another white establishment Blue-Dog Democrat (Thompson caucused with the Blue-Dogs) when he won on a clear mandate for change. If the American people wanted more white-establishment, they’d have elected Clinton.

    It seems to me like any hook & bullet crowd worth sympathizing with would care about substantive habitat advocacy rather than just another costume.

    Somebody get Grijalva some camo, a dead goose, and a camera-man – John Kerry-style – ASAP !!

  13. vickif Avatar

    Steve C,

    I think that his waiting is expected. It shows he is placing America’s first concern first. For most American’s that is the economy.


    That is a good point. He does need to uphold a certain expectation. But I still wonder if he will let his specific words bite us in the butt.

    What more would Thompson bring, public acceptance and lessened rift amongst environmental reformists and hunters of the stone age. Though I don’t think he is the best choice, I can see how he would get chosen.

    I whole heartedly agree about the worth of a sympathetic hunt and hook crowd. (I think I fall into the light on that one.)

    The last comment, I have camo he might fit in, let’s do it!!! lol What a visual.

  14. Anthony Criscola Avatar
    Anthony Criscola

    What the hell does hunting and fishing have to do with healthy
    ecosystems. Look what has taken place in Yellowstone Lake because someone wanted a lake trout fishery. I’ve been an avid fisherman all my life, and I know a lot of fisherman don’t
    look at a balanced ecosystem but what will give them the greatest catch.

  15. vicki Avatar


    Although I understand your concern, it is now widely believed that the lake trout in Yellwostone Lake got there when the bucket dropped water on the fires in 88. There is absolutely no proof they were placed there for sihing by anyone.

    The balance though, is the primary concern in all good fisheries!!


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