The bald eagle is off the endangered species list, but you can’t shoot them. Other laws apply-

Outfitter faces board over eagle kill. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

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Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University. He was a Western Watersheds Project Board Member off and on for many years, and was also its President for several years. For a long time he produced Ralph Maughan's Wolf Report. He was a founder of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. He and Jackie Johnson Maughan wrote three editions of "Hiking Idaho." He also wrote "Beyond the Tetons" and "Backpacking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness." He created and is the administrator of The Wildlife News.

15 Responses to Boundurant, WY outfitter faces board over alleged eagle kill

  1. Mike says:

    This piece of garbage needs to lose his hunting and outfitter priviliges for life.

  2. steve c says:

    He will probably get a presidential pardon…

  3. Salle says:

    Just goes to show you how well the hook and bullet crowd represent themselves as “conservationists”.

  4. vickif says:


    Not all of them are this way. We can’t make broad sweeping generalizations, or we lose lots of very good supporters.

    The people that break the law, with blatant disregard for the mission of those laws, are no more guenuine hunters OR conservationists than the pope is jewish.

  5. Salle says:


    Understood. But I think that this is an example of the kind I encounter more often than not. There always some good guys somewhere in the mix, but I am afraid their numbers are small.

    It’s often that the ones of this type are the ones who “cry wolf” the loudest and get lots of press for no good reason.

  6. Salle says:

    Whoops, I meant vickif… those little eyeballs at the ends of my fingertips are going blind, they can’t read the letters on the keys so well!


  7. Brian Ertz says:

    vicki & salle,

    sorry to weight in on your thread but… i’m going to weigh in – generally 😉

    it seems to me that as with any group of people – there are those who get it and those that don’t, those that are responsible and those that aren’t.

    personally, i’ve been to one too many public hearings/working groups/events regarding wildlife issues where there are plenty of hook & bullet folk that are good people who get it… especially in private – but wholly unwilling to raise their objections to irresponsibility publicly or throw support behind issues (like genuine habitat conservation) if made controversial by the whining of their irresponsible counterparts or other land-users – unwilling to rock the boat in front of decision-makers. this goes for wolves, bighorn sheep, other big game, fisheries etc. I thought it was the environmentalists that were supposed to be limp-wristed !

    what good is the good-faith of the best among them unless its willing to be outspoken and do something about the actual threats to conservation ? these people should be the first to vociferously condemn the absurd claims of the irresponsible among them. I mean honestly, even some of the ORV groups are first in their condemnation of abusive ORV users because they get that they’re tarred by the lowest common denominator.

    i apologize for the rant, but i’ve been frustrated by the overwhelming support of the willingly blind and dumb (as in ‘unable to speak’). why give these guys the credit they’re not even willing to take ownership of – on the record ?

    i’m afraid that much of the hook & bullet crowd that might be lost is probably much like myself – not offended or alienated by generalizations like those made by salle because we share her sentiment – share it enough to be more alienated by the lack of integrity among the ‘hook & bullet’ crowd than by those who give an actual rip about the real issues involved.

    i hope that we’ll see a willingness to be more forthright and bold given the political change at the federal level.

    my 2 (or 4) cents.

  8. Save bears says:

    Here we go again,

    One jerk shoots an eagle and the rest of us that do stand up and make our voice heard gets the brunt of the BS!! I am tired of it, I have given up a career because I would not go “With the flow” I hunt by myself now because I won’t go with the “Flow” and I have very few I ride my ATV with because I won’t go with the “Flow”!

    Many on this blog need to get over themselves and start seeking out those who will speak out, if you start finding those who will speak out and still have good relationships with those who won’t you might find they are willing to work in the middle to get both sides moving in a forward direction..

    You generalize to much and you end up alienating those would would be willing to work for the good of all, they just say the hell with it, I will continue to do what I do and the hell with both sides!

    You need those who will work with you, because I can tell you what, reading this blog for quite a while now, most of you, frankly don’t speak the language, you don’t understand the culture and most of all you trying to ram it down their throats…it is not going to work that way, you make allies by understanding and discussing in terms that your opponent understands and you can only do that by working with those in the middle that can bridge the gap between both worlds….

    Or all you end up with is a big pissing match, which is pretty much what is going on now…even those organizations that once believed, are now starting to falter

    Sorry for my rant, but I am damn tired of always hearing that because a criminal did something that the rest have to pay, this is not the Nazi’s, not all keep our mouth shut and not all go with the flow! And this guy that shot the eagle is a plain and simple criminal! Just as poachers are not hunters, they are criminals, just as those who destroy property in the name of conversation are criminals..

    Fortunately that is a small percentage of those on either side that actually care!

  9. Ryan says:

    Save bears,

    Thats a great post, you finally are getting to the reason why conservationists cant see eye to eye.


    What you think are the real issues are just your real issues, not the issues of all. The reason you don’t and wont get support from the Hook and Bullet crowd.. (Did we get upgraded from cabela’s queens?) Is your radical unwavering views on most issues. I dislike seeing tigers, lions, etc in circuses but I’d rather be struck down by lightning than support PETA in anyway shape or form. OHA and SFW have supported the removal of livestock from public lands and thwarted shady land grab deals, but the only thing that the vast majority of people on this site see is there stance on predator control.

    So either get over yourself or continue to alieniate groups and lose your collective power.

    As for the guy who shot the eagle, I hope they throw the book at him. He should have taken the proper route to get the eagle relocated etc. (from what I can gather it was a private trout farm and he was protecting his “stock”)

  10. Ryan says:


    You are correct, By your standard please note that all african american people are lazy or gangsters, Everyone of latin decent is an illegal, and all asian americans are good at math.

  11. Salle says:


    Ummm, and how to you come to that conclusion?

    I find your statement highly offensive. How do you know what MY ethnicity is? Perhaps I am a mixture of all those groups. I was not, in any way, referring to ethnic groups which I would refrain from since I am not prejudiced against people for any of their biological components!

    The folks I was referring to are what they are by choice, something entirely different from what you imply.

    Perhaps you could get some education and then maybe we can communicate. Until then, I have no incentive to respond to you beyond informing you that I find your offensive implication less than relevant to my comment.

  12. Ryan says:


    Your missing the point… I could care less what your ethnicity is, I found your statement just as irrelavant and equally offensive.

    So it makes more sense Gay men like will and grace and all priests like little boys. My point is don’t make blanket statements. I know this will ruin your steryotype, but I am 1 quarter away from my MBA.

  13. Salle says:

    Geeze Ryan,

    You still don’t make any sense.

    An MBA, that’s really nice but it just means that you intend to be a professional “bean counter” and makes you an authority on little else. Good luck. Perhaps you can help those folks at WS with their fuzzy math.

    I’d almost think you were going into comedy writing, you’re almost funny, if you made any sense. And you missed my points entirely. Perhaps you might study some electives before you get your sheepskin. You actually learn something about life in the real world.

  14. Ryan says:

    “Just goes to show you how well the hook and bullet crowd represent themselves as “conservationists”.”

    Really? I guess maybe I’m reading your comments wrong then. Perhaps you could explain them to this ignorant redneck? From what I’m reading your alluding to the fact that all sportsmen are irresponsible enviroment hating anti conversation killers based on the actions of a few that either made the news for poaching or offended you at some point.

  15. I’m closing comments on this.

    Folks on all sides seem to be in foul mood in some way unrelated to this relatively small offense.


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