Transition leader Hayes now on Interior list

Rumor from Rocky Barker

Transition leader Hayes now on Interior list. By Rocky Barker. Idaho Statesman.






  1. Salle Avatar

    Not sure where to post this;

    Every time I go to the web site, it has changed. During the last two days I have noticed that the “your seat at the table” segment has grown by two pages a day in comments and documents submitted as well as new topics.

    Today there is a new feature called: “Open for Questions”

    which I find interesting. Guess we should utilize that segment so we don’t get our concerns buried in the mire.

  2. Cris Waller Avatar
    Cris Waller

    This article says that Grijalva is out of the running- wonder why? At least it’s good to see some opposition to Thompson is building.

  3. Brian Ertz Avatar

    Hayes appointing himself would harken back to the Dick Cheney self appointment as VP.


    there are conflicting reports for Interior – the AP – earlier today, cites John Berry, Director of the National Zoo, as in the running – and says that both Grijalva and Thompson are still in the running.

    Yesterday Roberto Lovato cited a source claiming Grijalva’s still in there.

    It’s all in the air.

  4. vickif Avatar

    What about Berry? He doesn’t fit into the hunting and fishing stereo type, and what do we expect from or see in him?

  5. john weis Avatar
    john weis

    I am certainly stoked about Chu, and Sutley looks interesting as well. Browner we know; is the Audobon Society on the list of “good” green groups? It always has been in my eyes.

  6. kt Avatar

    Here is a Counterpunch article by Jeffrey Sinclair including mention of David Hayes now mentioned as an Obama Interior Secretary with a section “Tweedle-Griles (R) and Tweedle Hayes (D)”.

    Let us not forgot after the devastation of the Bush years, that much of the Clinton era was not too great for public lands in a lot of ways, either.

    Hayes sounds like a wheeler-dealer, schemer, and you know in the background somebody’s Important friends or connections are going to profit handsomely – be it from oil or wind or solar mega-projects, land actions (and we always must give a big shout out to Harry Reid where public lands selling or swapping or conniving may be occurring), etc.

    Counterpunch: “Hayes boasted that while domestic oil production had declined on private lands since 1989, the Clinton administration responded by boosting oil production on public lands. Under Clinton oil production from public lands increased by more than 13 percent from 1992 figures under Bush Sr, widely decried by liberals as being owned by big oil”.

    The article also mentions Hayes promoting Powder River Basin coal bed methane while a Clintonista! And we all know how splendidly that has turned out.

    Counterpunch also reports: ”One more note on David Hayes. Before joining the Clinton team, Hayes served as the chairman of the Environmental Law Institute, a DC green group. But this was only a part-time position. His day job was as a lawyer/lobbyist at the DC firm of Latham and Watkins, which represents a plump roster of corporations seeking to plunder the very lands as deputy secretary of Interior he would be charged with protecting”.

    A bit more sophisticated than Blago, but there is already the appearance that Hayes would use an Office at Interior to make sure Big Corporate (and increasingly FOREIGN) interests get what they want from public lands – and that complex actions at Interior in the end come back to benefit Powerful folks. Hayes seems to have a really Big Beltway Buckle problem already …


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