Wildlife groups go to court instantly, but new regs could stick for a while-

Rule Eases a Mandate Under a Law on Wildlife. By Felicity Barringer. New York Times.

Kempthorne of course is lying when he is saying the new ESA regs are to prevent the misuse of the ESA by turning it into a tool to curb global warming. The new regs are just an effort to harm the ESA, period.

The new Congress could quickly reverse these new regulations by a vote on the regulation. Unfortuntely, we have heard the “leadership” may have lost its nerve about holding a vote on this. So it is possible it will take a judge and a year or so to pull down this likely illegal regulation.

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6 Responses to Bush/Kempthorne get through their rule weakening the ESA.

  1. frank says:

    I like how he compares them to Eli Manning. “he asked, rhetorically, if Eli Manning, the New York Giants quarterback, should be taken off the field in the last five minutes of a game.” If Eli had thrown 15 interceptions in a game, that would be about the only comparison to Bush’s tenure in office. Bush should have been “benched” by the end of the first half.

  2. JimT says:

    There is talk of an “omnibus regulation” bill the Dems to undo this crap in one fell swoop. If they do it right, it will force the idiot Republicans to sign on or face more public ridicule, if that is possible.

  3. Salle says:

    You know, for all his warts and ugly hairs, Jerry Brown comes out with something really good every once in a while…

    Thanks for posting this, Jeff E!

  4. JEFF E says:

    you are welcome Salle

  5. kt says:

    jeff e Here is a link to the California site that has the lawsuit.


    It’s almost as if California is on a different planet. How do we get some wolves through the walls of Wildlife Services traps, rancher gunning and death to inhabit that land?


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