Grijalva didn’t raise enough campaign money for the House Democrats?

Did Emanuel Scuttle Grijalva’s Nomination? Daily Kos

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Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University. He was a Western Watersheds Project Board Member off and on for many years, and was also its President for several years. For a long time he produced Ralph Maughan's Wolf Report. He was a founder of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. He and Jackie Johnson Maughan wrote three editions of "Hiking Idaho." He also wrote "Beyond the Tetons" and "Backpacking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness." He created and is the administrator of The Wildlife News.

20 Responses to Did Raum Emanuel Scuttle Grijalva's Nomination?

  1. Save bears says:

    Sounds like Politics as usual in Washington, I am disapointed, but really not surprised, until such time as we wash the long term good ole’ boys out of Washington DC, we are going to continue to get the results we are disappointed in, sorry, not speculation, but pure truth..

  2. Salle says:

    I think we need to adopt the Iraqi reporter and start throwing shoes. If I could afford to go to DC, the first thing I’d do is go to the WH and throw my shoes at it.

    I think it should become a way of showing our dismay on a regular basis, throw shoes at the bums until they get the message. I think it would have been beneficial for W to have actually been hit by the second one ~ it almost got him right square in the middle of his forehead. Might have knocked some sense into that thick skull, that is apparently so thick that it leaves little room for his tiny brain.

  3. Save bears says:


    I am actually surprised that he is still breathing…and the secret service didn’t kill him, and with all the comments that have been sent in over the last few weeks, I am starting to see Obama has a thicker skull, Politicians have just PROVEN they DO NOT listen to the people they represent, there are so many bullshit deals going on it Washington right now that the gangsters that started Las Vegas must be proud!

  4. Robert Hoskins says:

    Perhaps now we need to write Mr Grijalva and ask him to stay on the Natural Resources Committee.

  5. Salle says:

    Good point, RH.

    I’m ready to start chucking shoes. I have a small Imelda Marcos sized collection of worn out shoes from years of pounding pavement looking for a real job and from standing on my feet working at minimum wage jobs making someone else rich. I’m more than willing to send them hurling at any politician who is foolish enough to carry on with the same old crap after the biggest mandate of the recent past was made in the last general election. I have lost any hope that I had last month. I knew it was too good to be true.

    I’m ready to give up, though I thought I had a few years ago…

    Just how many impoverished Americans actually still believe in the capitalist model anymore? I haven’t since the 1970’s but I am forced to participate because that’s all there is in this nation of fools. I participate as little as possible and only do so in as much as is necessary to survive anymore.

    Won’t be long now before there’s nothing left to the environment, really. Soon we can be proud of the similarity we share with all the other developing nations that we have raped and pillaged for their resources over the decades.

    Start throwing shoes, it’s a good way to show disapproval without imposing a physical threat to the sacred politicians and their benefactors who rule our lives.


  6. I read that Grijalva turned down Ways and Means so he could remain as chair of the Public Lands Subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee.

  7. As for throwing shoes, it’s been done before. Do you all remember Richard Perle, one of the architects of the war in Iraq? He was once speaking in Portland, and well he got some shoes thrown at him. (see )

    My partner also got into it once with Richard Perle outside of ABC News in DC. More than a shoe, we walked in front of him with a banner, disrupted his interview, and then Genevieve (my partner) asked him how he slept at night. When he answered, “I actually sleep quite well.” She said quietly, “Then, you must be a sociopath,” at which point cameras pointed at both and they got into a shouting match face to face. See .

    But, it’s hard to get that close to a president. Very hard … I managed to a couple times when he was in his motorcade. But, never in person …

    Gov. Schweitzer on the other hand …

  8. Robert Hoskins says:


    Is that confirmed about Grijalva staying where he is? It still might be helpful to write him anyway and thank him for his support for land and wildlife.


  9. Robert,

    The info is in the article in Daily Kos

  10. Here is another diary on Daily Kos wondering why so many trial ballons for DOI?

    More Interior Trial Balloons – Sen. Ken Salazar and John Berry

  11. kt says:

    Regarding the Trial Balloons: I think there must be tremendous tension in whoever the small group providing input to Obama on INterior Secretary on this decision is. The ONE GOOD CHOICE and everyone knows it, is Grijalva. But the Blue and Mauve and whatever color they are Dogs just will have none of it. OR, and this is what may also be occurring, and if it is it is really disgusting: Are the Dems here caving to Republicans who may have threatened to have a hissy fit if Grijalva is nominated? ASK yourself: Is what is going on that once again the Dems are cowering from Republicans? If so, that is a LOSING strategy. Haven’t they learned anything from the last 8 years? Are they already beat before they even start at Interior?

    Regarding Rahm Emanuel – I believe it is Daniel Patterson’s Blog today that talks about Grijalva having rubbed Rahm Emanuel wrong by not being gung-ho about fund raising. Seems to me that THAT is just the kind of Interior Secretary we need. Time to keep the manic greed that is Chicago politics OUT of this Post that has to do with taking care of the public commons and wildlife. Way too many ways to violate the public trust.

  12. Salle says:


    I think you have some valid questions concerning the length of time it’s taking for Obama to chose this cabinet post…

    I agree with keeping the Chicago style of politicking out of the white house as a mandatory requirement. I lived in the greater Chicagoland once upon another lifetime and I was appalled that I was still in the US when I saw what they were all about.

  13. kim kaiser says:

    couldnt help to see how things were coming out over here,

    once you catch on to the fact that MONEY TALKS and BS walks, you will get the people in you want,,,short of that, you are just playing on emotion, and hussein will not accept that.

    afa chicago, i noted a long time ago in this forum hussein’s contact in chicago,,,axelrod on down, do you really think that an individual can climb the chicago political ladder could do so scott free and never took or solicitated something under the table,, please dont tell me you are that naive!! now how many chicagoans do we have in there, and how much have we just read about the political corruption,, let s see, emanual, now the education chariman from chicago,,, and JJ Jr if he had not been caught up in the governor scandol, they make louisiana politics look like a day in kindegarten!!

    Looks like its time to get out a big tube of K-Y,, and as the doctor says,,try to breath normal, you got fleeced !!

  14. JimT says:

    Perhaps we should mail shoes to Ken Salazar…VBG…

    Not sure about the Emanual story, but it would be in keeping with what I have read about him and his tendency for no prisoner policies. Interesting that we have found so much fault with the Bushies over the years for blind loyalty and the problems it can cause. Now we have a similar type as chief of staff for Obama. AND, evidently his voice shows up on the wiretaps for the nutso Illinois Gov though right now he is not suspected of making any deals.

    This whole Interior thing makes me soul-tired, to be honest. I really did think it would be different with Obama. Color me naive.

    TWO Salazars? That has to be wrong…

  15. TimothyB says:

    Holy smokes…President-Elect Obama hasn’t even moved his pots and pans into the White House and you guys are already down on him? Give the man a chance…see what he can do in the next 2-3 years. One or three appointments will make little or no difference if Obama holds true to his motto of Change.

  16. JB says:

    “Looks like its time to get out a big tube of K-Y,, and as the doctor says,,try to breath normal, you got fleeced !!”

    Welcome back Kim! I’ve really missed your paranoid tirades!

  17. JimT says:

    That is a HUGE if at this point, Tim. And it is not just the environment that is leading folks to expressing some doubts. Hillary Clinton at State when Richardson is so much more qualified..and would have been a heck of lot easier to deal with? Larry Summers after he fizzled at Harvard? Gates, a Republican ‘stay the course’ kind of guy?

    You seem to be saying that we can recover if Interior turns out to be the same old story kind of pick. The record of the last 8 years shows otherwise. The new Secretary will have to hit the street running for the first two years alone merely to arrest the crap that is going on now, much less make any positive headway. We really didn’t need a straddle the fence guy, and that is what Ken Salazar is.

    Obama’s whole campaign was about getting involved, letting your voice be heard. Folks here are doing just that.

  18. I guess this is an adjunct page to


  19. TimothyB says:

    JimT…I guess what I’m saying is you haven’t seen what this new President and his Cabinet have in store. By all means, voice your opinion but the comments in this Blog post seem to indicate the majority are more than ready to throw President Obama under the uptown bus.

    Rome wasn’t built in a……….

  20. Save bears says:

    Tim B,

    I am not ready to throw him under the train, he has doing more than I expected….of course to put that in perspective, McCain would have done similar, when people learn, we don’t have to vote for the two major parties, we will be far better off as a country….


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