Pat Shea, former head of the BLM under Clinton and Utah’s famous defense attorney, Ron Yengich, give legal aid-

There is also a legal defense fund

Story in the Salt Lake Tribune. Auction fallout. U. student doesn’t want to be a martyr; federal probe continues. By Patty Henetz

I got this address for the fund from a comment in the Salt Lake Tribune. It hasn’t been verified.

Center for Water Advocacy, PO Box 331, Moab, UT 84532.

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More. Grijalva, other members of Congress ask Obama to undue BLM’s last minute oil and gas lease sale in Utah. by Abrahm Lustgarten. ProPublica

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4 Responses to Bogus bidder on BLM oil and gas auction picks up support

  1. Salle says:

    From reading this article, it appears that more of this type of civil disobedience is needed and called for by folks like Al Gore.

    I would have to agree. Henry David Thoreau would be proud of this young man.

  2. Salle says:

    It would appear that more acts of civil disobedience of this type are called for. Even Al Gore said he thought so…

    Henry David Thoreau would be proud of this young man.

  3. Elizabeth Parker says:

    According to this article on, there is a fund to raise money to actually pay for the leases DeChristopher bid on. I am not quite certain how accurate the article is, but I am going to donate to the legal defense fund for DeChristopher.

    Here is a link to the article.

    This guy deserves support.

  4. Elizabeth Parker says:

    Here is a link to the Dechristopher fund. I’m not clear on if these funds go to a legal defense fund for him or if the funds are going to pay for the leases. I am not sure the government would allow the purchase of the leases by non-energy bidders but others on this blog would certainly know the answer. Either way, the money is going to a good place.

    Here is the link to the legal defense fund/bid fund. Please excuse me if this has already been posted.


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