The right way to do solar power

Don’t take up huge swaths of land-

I found this video that shows solar power underway with a deemphasis on remote solar collection in land-destroying mega-farm and vast transmission lines to electricity load centers.

Orchards of the sun on  Let’s hope Obama will go this route. Not only is it better for our environment, it will distribute the jobs more widely.







  1. Salle Avatar

    And furthermore, there’s this:

    I saw one of the documentaries on this Bill Becker person and was truly impressed. I had been wondering how this very design could be developed and implemented until I saw this. I decided that I should promote this concept far and wide. It is one of the solutions to great power failures by making electricity on site and with variable wind capture… which means you can have light and variable winds from many directions relieving the necessity for large wind farms that still require transmission over distance capabilities. It could be an alternative and maybe in cooperation with the “solar grove” concept presented in this article.

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