Larry Craig and his chief of staff considering consulting business

Says his consulting business will deal with “Western Issues”-

Larry Craig and his chief of staff considering consulting business. By Jim Snyder. The Hill.

Craig says he wants to concentrate on enforcement of the ESA.







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    Chris H

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    ESA Overhaul Revealed

    February 23, 2007 – Last Friday, Sens. Craig Thomas (R-Wyo.) and Larry Craig (R-Idaho) introduced the Endangered Species Reform Act of 2007, an effort to expand the states’ role in listing and managing endangered species.

    The proposal would require petitioners to do more work before asking the government to protect a species. They would have to include an analysis of species’ status, population trends and threats. The advocacy groups would be required to provide information on the species that has been tested in the field, peer reviewed and published by a scientific source.

    “I believe the Endangered Species Act’s (ESA) intention of protecting species is good, but I believe those good intentions have gone off track,” said Thomas

    Is this what he wants to enforce? Perhaps he should specialize in other aspects of the legal professional that he is more acquainted with.

    I won’t rant and I know that once out of office you become a lobbyist or somehow stay within earshot of the system but have’nt these people done enough damage??

  2. Wyoming Woman Avatar
    Wyoming Woman

    Craig Thomas is dead. Larry Craig will likely tap his toes all the way to DC. The Western Senators have long been against the ESA . It was really bad with Malcolm Wallop R-WY was in office and started the “Frointers of Freedom”. Looks like the old boys are going for round two!


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