Cattle denude the Sonoran National Monument

ORVs were kicked out of monument; the real damage is grazing-

This is apparently, though a good place to find the bleached bones of cattle, a common visual theme of cartoons of people lost in the desert.

Inane official, public actions scar Sonoran monument. By Linda Valdez. The Arizona Republic

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Update. Link to WWP Arizona Office. Great photo of cattle in Sonoran Desert National Monument 🙁


  1. kt Avatar

    I’ve been to the Sonoran Monument, and the writer aptly describes the damage cattle are doing to the desert.

    “Much of what I saw reminded me of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon in which the desert is a sandy and barren place dotted with scrubby cactuses and cow skulls”.

    The BLM Manager Hanson is classic – whining about not enough funding. Well, if there is not enough funding, then the first thing you should do is to cut the grazing – since on the average just administering a permit alone costs taxpayers 5 -6 times as much as the rancher pays in near-free grazing fees.

  2. brian ertz Avatar

    I agree – you hear a lot about “not enough fundind” to protect grazed landscapes. It’s rediculous. If there’s not enough money to monitor or conserve then there’s not enough money to permit use.. Period.


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