However it is only up to 11 of about 50-55 wolves that now inhabit Jackson Hole-

Federal wolf manager for Wyoming, Mike Jimenez, says the Antelope Pack, which inhabits the central area of Jackson Hole has contracted mange.

On various days as many as 4 additional wolf packs can be in or very near Jackson Hole: Pacific Creek, Buffalo, Hoback and Pinnacle.

Story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide.  “Valley wolf pack has mange, biologist says. Collaring operation sees 15 animals fitted with transmitters for research”. By Angus M. Thuermer Jr.

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5 Responses to Jimenez says Jackson Hole wolf pack has mange

  1. avatar Jim says:

    Are there any maps of the wolf pack territories in Teton?

  2. avatar Narcissus says:

    Oh no, I take it this is the scabies type mange, not the Demodex right?

  3. avatar Cindy says:

    I do have a map, from a prototype of a brochure I’m not sure was ever produced. You might check with Greater Yellowstone Coalition or Jackson Hole Conversation Alliance.
    The piece is called “Wolves, in Grand Teton and Jackson Hole.
    The other organizations listed are National Parks Conservation Association, Sierra Club and Wyoming Outdoor Council. Whenever I hear of (or get to see one myself like I did last week) I always reference which pack. Problem with the sighting we had last week, it’s smack in the middle of 3 overlapping packs, Antelope, Huckleberry and Buffalo!!

  4. avatar ChrisH says:

    Here is the link yo the Grand Teton Wolf Territory brochure.

  5. avatar Jeff says:

    There is a pack in the Pacific Creek to Buffalo fork area near Moran. There is a pack south of the Buffalo Fork/Mount Leidy Highlands area in NE JH, there is a pack, maybe two up the Gros Gros Ventre Drainage and areas East of the town of Jackson, there is a pack, maybe two in the Palisades Wilderness Study area South and SW of Jackson. One pack is on the northern end of the Snake River Range into Teton Valley, ID and the other ranges from Fall Creek to Dog Creek near Hoback Jct. Plus there is a pack up the Hoback near Bondurant.


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