Biologists want to know how many bears live in Utah

Study seeks a better count by using hair samples-

Bear Market. By Brett Prettyman. The Salt Lake Tribune





  1. mikarooni Avatar

    They can’t do this sort of research in Utah; Utah is GOP country and McCain said this kind of research wastes money.

  2. Marge Avatar

    Interesting. I once knew a guy who did this exact thing in the White Rock Wildlife Management Area in Arkansas.

  3. Scott Hanley Avatar

    I was going to make mikarooni’s comment, but he beat me to it. Informed decisions just waste taxpayer money.

  4. Jeff Avatar

    There is certainly a healthy population in the Tavaputs Plateau region in East Central Utah. Nearly everythime I floated the Green River through Desolation and Gray’s Canyons we’d see at least one bear.

  5. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    This research is okay as long as we are not doing paternity tests or crime scene investigations.


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