Washinton State: A bear walks into a 'burb, but state's new bear dogs scare him out again

Karelian bear dogs to be deployed in King County-

Story about the bear dogs. By Katherine Long. Seattle Times Eastside reporter





  1. chuck parker Avatar
    chuck parker

    Classic case of treating the symptoms of a disease–a bear eating garbage, livestock, etc.–rather than the cause–the people who feed bears garbage, livestock, etc.

    I realize the dogs and aversive conditioning have value. But I’d rather see the money spent on education and then enforcement (fines) so there’s no need for the dogs.

  2. Linda Hunter Avatar

    Wow . . I can’t believe it!! I agree with Chuck Parker for once. That was what I thought when I read the article in the Seattle paper . . that and the fact that the headlines made it seem like a bear had entered the “burbs” that day and the story was on the front page as if it was critical news. When we take care of bears for people when will they ever learn anything accept how to dial the phone?

  3. vickif Avatar

    Linda, I can only say I was thinking the same darn thing. I agree with Chuck.
    However, if education and fines aren’t working, the dogs could. So if we can’t save bears by making everyone play by the rules, the dogs atleast give the bears a chance.


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