Alaska's Mt. Redoubt spews ash 65,000 feet, placing Kenai Peninsula residents on alert

The series of eruptions is continuing, with ashfall now likely in more populated and recreational important areas-

3/26  Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt spews ash 65,000 feet, placing Kenai Peninsula residents on alert. LA Times.

3/28  Redoubt erupts a number of times on Friday, March 27. LA Times.





  1. Linda Hunter Avatar

    Ironically, Redoubt Bay Lodge where I used to work which is only 20 miles from the volcano has missed the ash so far, however, I think there may be some flooding there. Hopefully all the bears I know well denned on the north fork well away, or at least got up and moved during the earthquake phase. Life surviving in Alaska is tough for bears which is one reason they don’t need to be “managed” up there. The environment does a pretty good job of eliminating bears without the help of humans.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I read your book, Linda. I really enjoyed it.

    It’s funny that I had totally forgotten the name of the lodge.

  3. Virginia Avatar

    Linda – I enjoyed your book so much and felt like I was there with you at Redoubt Bay Lodge. What a great opportunity you had to enjoy those bears and that wonderful country.

  4. Linda Hunter Avatar

    Wow.. you both made my day! Thank you.

  5. Salle Avatar

    Here’s a link to the page that has info on the latest activity, they post new photos everyday and there are some webcam links on a side bar to see what’s happening. Since last night, the one called “HUT” is about 7 miles from the crater on another mountain but it’s covered with ask right now and you can’t see anything from Cook Inlet (Chevron’s camera) is all smoked in. But the photos from last night are great. Those were submitted by a resident in or near Homer.

  6. Virginia Avatar

    Linda Hunter – I am sorry- I should have added this comment about your book. Our high school librarian ordered three copies of it and she told me when I borrowed it that they are being checked out on a regular basis. There is still hope for those teenagers!

  7. paulWTAMU Avatar

    what’s your book? I am intrigued. Googling Linda Hunter book turns up tons of different results, sow hich one is yours?

  8. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Her book is “Lonesome for Bears: A Woman’s Journey in the Tracks of the Wilderness”. By Linda Jo Hunter. The Lyons Press. 2008.


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