Volcano ash dusts Anchorage, airport closed

First ashfall on Anchorage-

Volcano ash dusts Anchorage, airport closed. Richard Mauer and Lisa Demer. McClatchy Newspapers.

Part of the Kenai Peninsula was also dusted.





  1. Salle Avatar

    Look at this web site, it is the camera that is looking at Mt. Redoubt in near-realtime. A spectacular view at the moment…


  2. Maska Avatar

    Great dark, brooding image. Thanks, Salle.

  3. Ralph Maughan Avatar
  4. Salle Avatar

    You’re welcome. I have been checking both cameras (Redoubt HUT and Redoubt CI webcams) on a regular basis for months now. I had a feeling it was coming and soon. Also, there have been several 5+M earthquakes this morning along the peninsula , one was initially rated at 6+M that triggered a tsunami warning along the west coast. The mountaintop (HUT) camera is intermittent and is sometimes covered with ice, and sometimes icy ash of late. Today was the first clear imagery in days.


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