Thirteen per cent decline in Yellowstone Park winter visits

Factors were the bad economy and a late onset of snowy season-

Winter visits to Yellowstone decline by 13%. Econony, late snowfall seen as likely reasons; few using Sylvan Pass. By Brett French. Billings Gazette Staff

It is disappointing to read the Park’s spokesman shrug off their big loss of money at the East Entrance. The story suggests that a bison slaugher this winter may also yet happen.




  1. Jim Macdonald Avatar

    I didn’t get the same read from the story that bison would be killed, but there’s no doubt it’s possible, especially in the North (as well as the West, though that would be most likely after May 15).

    So far, on the West, DOL is mostly monitoring.

    On bison as far as Gardiner, when I sent an email reporting the NPS claims, I got a very quick email from Mike Mease of BFC telling me that their patrols don’t show any bison at Gardiner; however, he was just about to go out there to see for himself. I’m going to camp on Sunday; I’ll see what the newest is then.


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