PEER says . . . Plight Of Whistleblowers Shows No Improvement

Despite Obama’s pledge, Federal Employees Face Blackballing and Career Derailment for Reporting Problems-

Presidents have to follow up on executive orders like the one Obama made, and entrenched agency people know that most Presidents will lack the time or interest to do it.

Story from the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Ironically, “States Strengthen Whistleblower Protection Laws .  States Moving Past Federal Government in Safeguarding Civil Servant Disclosures.” PEER.

Of course, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are not among these states.





  1. Wolfy Avatar

    If it still happens at the highest levels of government, us little people don’t stand a chance. Duck and Cover!

  2. Lindsey Avatar

    I thought you might be interested in this letter written by Army Corps of Engineers whistleblower Bunny Greenhouse, who was retaliated against after she testified to Congress last week. Ms. Greenhouse is calling on all Americans to support whistleblower protection for federal employees. To read her letter go to


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