Earlier a story about a rancher seeing two wolves near Blackfoot, Idaho (in SE Idaho) came up here in comments. The rancher was amazing sanguine compared to the usual reaction.

Idaho Fish and Game says it can’t confirm the presence of wolves.

Area wolf sighting unconfirmed. Idaho State Journal (Pocatello)

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4 Responses to Blackfoot, Idaho area wolf sighting unconfirmed

  1. Jim says:

    There is a comment on that page from someone that supposedly shot at the wolves. Any chance that the fish and wildlife people would use the IP address to track that shooter down?

  2. Save bears says:


    fish and wildlife cannot do anything because someone claimed to shoot at the wolves…even with an IP it becomes a moot point investigation, When I worked for FWP in Montana, we used to get quite a few reports or claims turned over to us, but without some other evidence it is nothing more than hearsay…..

  3. Jim says:

    ok thanks.

  4. Alan Gregory says:

    This glitch come s up every now and then in the Northeast. My gut feeling is “where’s the evidence?” And in such heavily roaded states as Pennsylvania that “evidence” would surely include road-kill.
    Anyway, ehere’s th e link to a Conservation Magazine article about Great Lakes-region wolves:



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