National Parks get a $750-million shot in the arm today

Stimulus package gives the national parks a rare pot of money-

Despite how Americans love their national parks, this rarely translates into appropriations. While an big increase in appropriations is still needed, this is a significant event, which, according to the article, will also create many jobs.

National parks to get $750 million today. By Andrea Stone. USA Today.



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  1. Virginia Avatar

    I am delighted that Yellowstone will get a new waste water treatment plant. However, as many Yellowstone visitors are aware, the majority of the “outhouses” available in Yellowstone are disgusting. I wonder if upgrading those disgraceful buildings will be a part of the plan. In the Canadian camping areas even ten years ago, many of these buildings were solar and composting facilities. I would love to see Yellowstone try to upgrade in an ecological manner.


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