Will this save the collaborative group?

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

The new bill, SB1232, passed the Senate but will it save the Bighorn Sheep Domestic Sheep Advisory Group? Some of the members of the advisory group are saying the new bill interferes with what the group was formed to do and is still bad for bighorn sheep. Will the advisory group continue?

Senate OKs new bill to help resolve sheep conflict
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3 Responses to Senate OKs new bill to help resolve sheep conflict

  1. kt says:


    That photo is sure in synch wiht the sorry situation.

    Bighorn sheep sure do have an uphill battle to survive in the disease-denying 5th world country that is Idaho!

    Having made the mistake of subscribing to get various e-mail alerts from IDFG, I have been informed in the past week that 1) I can purchase for minimal fees tags to shoot NINE sandhill cranes. I kind you not. 2) Killing of pelicans may soon be done to promote some kind of exotic stagnant reservoir West Nile breeding water body exotic/hatchery fish.

    The current IDFG leadership and Commission are a disgrace.

  2. Laura says:

    I was going to ask if people ate sandhill cranes but I did a search on “sandhill crane recipes”. I guess they do…it is amazing how educated a person can get using Google.

  3. Chris H says:

    I’ve been trying to follow this wild vs. domestic sheep saga. If it passed that wild sheep will be killed to make the world safe for mouton, will one need to purchase a trophy game hunting permit? If so, how much is that worth to the state.
    (SorryI’m a little lazy on this, I suppose I could find this out on my own)
    Rhetorical question of the day: How can you harbor ill-will towards sand-hill cranes?



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