Snowmobile groups sue over enlarged designation of lynx habitat

Snowmobile tracks aid the survival of predatory competitors of lynx in deep snow-

Snowmobile groups sue to set aside the improved designation of lynx habitat. By Ben Neary. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. AP

They are saying that more environmental analysis is needed. Some conservation groups are suing too, saying not enough habitat was set aside.

It is nearly a foregone conclusion that Federal Judge Clarence Brimmer of Wyoming will rule in favor of the snowmobilers.




  1. Mike Avatar

    What kind of person sues against the protection of a very rare animal so they can joy ride like a child?

  2. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Mike Said:

    “What kind of person sues against the protection of a very rare animal so they can joy ride like a child?”

    That is a simple question, and the answer is, those who are on the opposite side of the issue than you are, when it comes down to it…

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander…you have to realize in this country, there is pretty much a person on the opposite side for every person who is for something..

    And no, I am not taking a side, so please don’t take my post wrong..

  3. Virginia Avatar

    They are people who put their own interests over everything else and believe me, they are teaching their children to have the same attitudes. It is as Ralph said on another topic, instead of becoming more progressive and tolerant, people are reverting back to the days when it was “every man for himself” and the hell with everyone and everything else, including wildlife, the environment, and the needs of people who are less fortunate.


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