On-line poll on bison hazing from Horse Butte. Vote!!

This is from Jim MacDonald.

There’s an online poll in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle asking whether people support the hazing of buffalo from Horse Butte.

Take it at http://www.dailychronicle.com (it’s toward the bottom).






  1. Virginia Avatar

    I voted but could not view the results. Also, I couldn’t tell if my vote was submitted.

  2. montucky Avatar

    Thanks for the link! I just voted and the results were nearly 3 to 1 against the hazing.

  3. Chuck Avatar

    Yes votes are at 49
    No votes are at 166
    Do you really think that powers that be could care a less about this vote. I think these bozo’s should be thrown outta office and then a high priced lawyer come in with lawsuits so big that Montana think twice about mistreating such a majestic animal again.

  4. Brian Ertz Avatar


    The lawyers aren’t high-priced, but they’re good as & on their way… As for throwing the bums outta office – It’s lookin’ like we might have to wait another generation or two …

  5. Chuck Avatar

    Brian, I appriciate all the hard work everyone does in the name of buffalo survival. I first got a look at the hazing two years ago, I stood on a bridge talking with a couple of very nice men working for the buffalo field campaign. They told me about all the work that was going on, I applaud each and everyone of them. I honestly don’t know how these people that carry on this work of hazing these beautiful creatures can sleep at night. I could easily get on my soap box over these crimes towards mother natures great creatures.


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