Really important post filled — BLM Director to be Bob Abbey

News article reports praises from all quarters-

I suspect he is not so popular as the AP* article below indicates. New federal BLM chief nominated.
The Associated Press.

The BLM directorship is not a simple appointment position. Abbey must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate where holds and filibusters increasingly hold sway.

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Has anyone noticed how the Associated Press is becoming more and more important as the newspapers continue their decline? RM



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  1. kt Avatar

    Bob Abbey will at least know, and have some twinges of conscience, about the consequences of the decisions he makes. Like how destructive the solar plants will really be if they come to fruition.

    My fear is WHAT did Harry Reid order that Abbey will do as Director? Reid views the nation’s pubic lands as a way for his sons and lobbyist friends to rake in the bucks.

    I think Abbey will be as good a Director as we could expect from the Obama Admin. He was not afraid to actually go out onto BLM and look at damage done by grazing and other things when he was Director.

    Abbey did veer to the dark side in his post-NV Director doings – for example with the Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition – which claims to be doing “restoration” but instead seems largely a front for the same old expsneive taxpayer-funded destruction of native plant communities to promote livestock forage (and in the backwards view of the “range” types – increase water yield – in this case for export to Las Vegas). You see, those trees transpire, suck up water so all we can do is KILL them and call it restoration. And of course, the ENLC’s other function is also to suck in big wads of federal tax dollars to fund a private local non-profit of sorts to do what the BLM should be doing in the first place … Take over the function of gov’t … Abbey was on the Board, but he may not have been involved much in what was going on there. Wjo knows? Could be a lot worse.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Thanks KT,

    Given all the time you spend in the Nevada backlands, I value your opinion

  3. JB Avatar

    “Has anyone noticed how the Associated Press is becoming more and more important as the newspapers continue their decline?”

    Yes! I have an ongoing research project where we’re using content analysis of the print news media. In the past few years we’ve noticed that wire service stories (e.g., AP, UP) come up more and more frequently. This *seems* to be the result of newspaper layoffs–that is, fewer reporters at newspapers means more reliance on the wires. Anyway, it is a disconcerting trend.

  4. Mike Avatar

    Centralized news. Not good. The AP also has a “right” slant.

  5. Maska Avatar

    The Abbey appointment was only one of two that affect our wildlife. The other was that of Sam Hamilton, current regional director for the Southeast Region of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to be Director of USFWS. Does anybody have any useful intelligence regarding Mr. Hamilton, and what sort of direction me might be?

  6. Maska Avatar

    Aye! That should have read “what sort of director he might be.” The fingers got ahead of the brain.

  7. spirithorsebr Avatar

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  8. Fred Avatar

    Hopefull, Bob will be able to do his job without interference from the Beltway Boys.

  9. spirithorsebr Avatar

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