Wild Bighorns Threatened by Domestic Sheep

Another article about the menace of domestic sheep to our precious bighorn populations-

On the Range. Wild Bighorns Threatened by Domestic Sheep. By George Wuerthner. New West.
“Should domestic sheep be permitted to graze on public lands when their presence threatens the survival of wild bighorn sheep? That’s a question that is increasingly getting serious discussion around the West.”



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  1. jdubya Avatar

    Interesting article basically restating what has already been said. But I like the comments on the bottom. Bearbait has a point that I agree with. The impetus is to increase the number of wild sheep, goats, bison, bears, etc. just so there will be more tags for hunters to buy thus funding F&G. The concept is not to increase the numbers of such critters because it is the RIGHT thing to do, instead we have to justify it for increased killing..ooops…harvest.

    And, of course, this was also a winning comment:

    “”These sheep and cattle remind me of the illegal aliens. Infiltrating into pristine lands, and made to be confined, thus, spreading disease and destroying the land not helping it at all. Illegal Aliens move in take jobs have babies, spread disease, and collect U.S dollars, without having to pay their fare share.”” Fair share, indeed.

  2. Larry Thorngren Avatar

    I like the fact that so many writers have suddenly discovered bighorn sheep and the problems they have with domestic sheep. Let’s get the domestic sheep off of our public lands and argue about bighorns getting hunted or not after we get the disease issue solved. I agree with the comment about public wildlife on public lands.


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