World Wildlife Fund and the National Wildlife Federation offer a voluntary buyout-

Wildlife refuge grazing deal sought. By Karl Puckett. Great Falls Tribune.

Cattle and wildlife have been in conflict since this eastern Montana refuge was created in the 1930s.

Info about the Refuge.

Update 7/9/09: Livestock Groups Denounce “Cash-For-Grass” OfferAP

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6 Responses to Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge grazing buyout offered

  1. ProWolf in WY says:

    Hopefully they can get the cattle off of the land there.

  2. Hilljack says:

    Grazing on public land is such a scam that is way behind the times. Buy them out or change the regulations. Wildlife should always come first including wolves. If you want to run livestock on public land then you need to be prepared to except the consequences and losing animals to wildlife is a part of business that should not be reimbursed.

  3. Jeff E.

    Good to see. I think it’s our first Colorado lawsuit.

  4. Rick Hammel says:

    I am glad to see WWP taking action in Colorado. The Colorado Cattlemens Association perceive that they are omnipotent. That perception needs a dose of reality. Perhaps this will start that ball rolling. It was stated at a meeting recently, that the white-tail prairie dog would not listing on the ESA if the Cattlemens Associationdid not buy off on it.

  5. Brian Ertz says:

    Gee – who woulda thunk it ! Livestock Groups Denounce “Cash-For-Grass” OfferAP (added as update above) … also, i’ll post the CO lawsuit/news release as a post


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