Federal officials vow to seize California state parks if they are closed by state

Broke California’s governor wants to close the state’s parks. Feds say this breaks the rules for six of them-

6 California parks could revert to federal control. LA Times. By Julie Cart.

Closing the State Parks will probably do more economic damage than the management money saved, but then nothing about California’s self-made budget crisis is rational. The federal government will step in and take over 6 or so of the several hundred parks.





  1. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    …and the rest will become refugee camps for homeless/transients.

  2. kt Avatar

    … and the Governator, or whatever he is, was brought to us by the downfall of Gray Davis at least in a significant part due to the Enron energy manipulation scheme – an illustration of the pitfalls of Big Energy and Centralized Energy.

  3. mikepost Avatar

    Welcome to the poster state for democracy run amok. 80% of the budget is mandated by voter approved initiatives and it takes a 2/3 majority in the legislature to raise taxes.
    Watch for wildlife management neglect in the future.


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