Palin's departure not likely to change Alaska's anti-wolf programs

Unrepresentative Board of Game and science-free biologists said to be the problem-

Alaska biologists may be to blame for bad predator control policies. By Cathy Taibbi.  National Examiner.

I missed this earlier. This lengthy article is actually part 2 of Exploring Alaska’s wolf-control controversy. Government favors trophy hunting dollars over ecology.





  1. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    This sounds like an all-out war like we haven’t seen since about the 1940s. Hopefully there can be an expose on this that will get some more information out.

  2. John d. Avatar
    John d.

    Cutting off the tail, instead of the head.
    Palin still shares a great deal of blame for continuing the practice. Alaska still has this glossy look of a pure wilderness to a lot of folks.

  3. Ryan Avatar

    No offense, but this article is a little off base.. I know Caribou barbie is hated, but arial gunning of wolves went on under Tony Knowles (d) administration and every other administration whether regardless of party.

  4. chris Avatar

    Both articles clearly state this has been going on long before Palin. Knowles stopped it but was overridden by the state legislature. Palin has gone much further than anyone else including increasing the killing of bears and wolves and authorizing the killing of wolf pups and bear cubs.

    See Ted William’s view in a recent Audubon magazine:

  5. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    I was aware that this was going on long before Palin, I think the main problem people have is the authorization of the killing of wolf pups and bear cubs, the proposed bounty, as well as denial of polar bears being threatened and the Cook Inlet beluga whales being threatened. Her agenda is much more severe than others have been and has no scientific basis.

  6. izabelam Avatar

    I am tired of giving her attention.
    The more we talk about her and read about her in the media, the more power she gets.
    Can we just drop her off of the cliff?
    Can we just concentrate on her successor and anyone else who may follow her steps?
    I am putting my efforts to talk to people who have no idea about what’s going on Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. I am trying to recruite them for the good cause.
    Caribou Barbie and Ken need to vanish from the media.

  7. frank Avatar

    I hope that she runs as the Rep. candidate for Pres, I hope people keep talking about her as a legitimate candidate. That would guarantee Obama gets reelected. It would also give me the greatest laugh of my life when she was in a Presidential debate.


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