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Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University with specialties in natural resource politics, public opinion, interest groups, political parties, voting and elections. Aside from academic publications, he is author or co-author of three hiking/backpacking guides, and he is past President of the Western Watersheds Project.

18 Responses to The very real threat posed by the Mexican wolf recovery program. . . .

  1. avatar Hilljack says:

    What a stupid article why is he talking about pimping and sexual predators I think he could find a better analogy. I did’t see any real facts provided showing a cause and effect just numbers about dead wolves.

  2. I agree HillJack that comparing the release of wolves to the release of sexual predators is a bad analogy. The cattlegrowers need to think of the Mexican wolves in an entirely different fashion.

  3. avatar ProWolf in WY says:

    That is pretty nasty to make a comparison with sexual predators. These people have no credibility. Any politician or fish and game official who takes them seriously has to be a complete moron.

  4. avatar jerryB says:

    .That statement was made by the Exec Dir of the NM Cattle Growers Assn, the group that some non-profits are in the continual process of “collaboration” and “ass kissing”.
    Just shows what all the “consensus building” with the livestock groups accomplishes, whether it’s in the Southwest or in the Northern Rockies and whether it deals with wolves, bison or bighorn, lions or bears.

  5. avatar kt says:

    I think the sexual references were allusions to a Black Man being in the White House and You Know What They All Are Like. Hate Radio is telling them They Need To Be Very Afraid.

    Those poor NM welfare rancher wolf haters and other Confederate Flag clenchers are so set upon by it all.

    They and their manure-spewing stream-destroying bovines will defend their god-given White Man right to trash any and everything they want … because Lord knows, it is their “Right”. And from an LA Times article over the weekend on the Mexican wolf program disaster , it sounds like they have the FWS beat into proclaiming their supremacy and “rights” to destroy all … Bull whips crackin’ and all that …

    I couldn’t find an earlier version … maybe someone else can.

  6. avatar jerryB says:

    Check out their website….
    Looks like they removed the “global warming conspiracy” article. That was hilarious.

  7. Thanks KT,

    I had missed this song (Southern Man). I read its history and downloaded a copy from Itunes.

    I sure don’t like Confederates!

  8. avatar ProWolf in WY says:

    Classic paranoia on the wolf crossing site. Who takes this stuff seriously?

  9. avatar John d. says:

    Oh Wolf Crossing. A site where wolves fish for children [walking their dog], cattlemen are driven right out business because of minuscule losses, hunters being chased by packs of savage wolves in Canada, Alaska and Russia and a tally is kept for the animals killed by wolves as if they were martyrs of a holy crusade. At least the last time I checked the site.
    There are some folks who believe it. Had a chat with the producer of “Undue Burden” and apparently I’m an anti-human hippie from the city.

  10. avatar kt says:

    John D.
    Undue Burden — You mean like responsibility??? For welfare ranching actions? Like keeping track of your cattle? I thought they all were manly Stewards, or something, ever-so-prideful of keeping the ravenous wolf packs away from their womenfolk and children and elk antlers.

    In that vein:

    … spoofing (or not) on the manly men theme.

  11. avatar John d. says:

    A link to a clip:

  12. avatar Jon Way says:

    How awful, 2 wolves walking along a road clearly trotting away from the cameraman. That must have been terrifying! Poor photographer!

  13. avatar kt says:

    Urrghh … Will Sarah Palin be in the sequel? The narrator in this clip may soon need to return to his zombie cave.

  14. avatar Jeff N. says:

    RE: Undue Burden

    What’s with this Bruce Hemming character? He actually visited people, in their homes, in the states of AZ and NM? I wouldn’t let this creepy dude anywhere near my house or kids. Caren Cowan, Director of NM Cattle…., ought to be afraid of having this guy turned loose in neighborhoods.

  15. avatar kt says:

    Jeff N. – Your instincts seem spot on. He may have forced his way in – at gun point.

    I think there may be some serious Militia Meth Poaching Gun-Running Brown Folk Hating weirdness going on with the Undue Burden Film Society.

    I googled that fellows name. It comes up in a Link on the Left Sidebar at this site: [Warning – Some kind of militia wackiness to be found there]. Sounds like the same guy …

    And then I clicked on Buckshot’s site on the left sidebar …

    It makes one wonder what all might be going on down there, and who all might be involved in Mexican wolf killings – and “baiting” and eveything else. Helping the Cattle folks out and all that.

  16. avatar Jeff N. says:

    Re: Undue Burden

    This should answer numerous questions regarding the good folk of New Mexico’s Gila country.

    Bruce Hemming, award winning indie film maker and self proclaimed “Wilderness Expert” rolls with this crew:

  17. avatar jerryB says:

    WOW!!!!! Great find Jeff N.
    You might want to email The Otero Residents Forum to the “consensus builders”.

  18. avatar Jeff N. says:

    Let’s consider the mentality of people like Caren Cowan, Executive Director of NM Cattle…., and self – proclaimed Wilderness Expert Bruce Demming.

    What they project upon the wolf….sexual predator, savage killer, destroyer of families….Is either A) a deliberate attempt to manipulate the fearful, uneducated population of their communties, B) A mindset that is based on paranoia, racism (see website I pasted), isolationism, and a deep-rooted self loathing as well as a very deep hatred for human behavior that they find necessary to project on a 4-legged dog that hunts wild game and occasionally kills livestock and family pets, or C) both A and B.

    I am not an expert on phsychological behavior of Homo Sapien, but I find this type of rhetoric deeply disturbing at a gut level.


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