Editorial opinion: Let science lift number of Mexican gray wolves

As a note, David Parsons was director of the Mexican wolf recovery program in its early and more successful years. His Bush boss fired him. Several years ago, he won our “Alpha Award” (awarded by the Wolf Recovery Foundation).

Let science lift number of Mexican gray wolves. By Rich Fredrickson and David Parsons. The Arizona Republic.



  1. Maska Avatar

    Actually, Parsons was pushed out in late 1999 under the Clinton/Babbitt/Kaufman (the SW regional director at the time) regime–not Bush. It’s an understandable mistake, though. 🙂

  2. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Yup, for the next 20 years we will always have a scapegoat that we can blame the ills of the world on, Amazing! What is so sad, is the guy in the office having the beer summits is in charge now and what ever happens is HIS fault, take the office and you take the blame from day one

  3. Brian Ertz Avatar

    They’re all to blame (politicians)

  4. bob jackson Avatar
    bob jackson

    I agree wolf recovery shouldn’t be impeded by the amount of livestock predation ….. when the animal is in such dire species condition. Butttttt Parson’s and Fredickson’s “best genetic based science management plan” I question as to actually being much more than elitist dark age science. At least that is how I feel if they are of the same cloth as other “scientists” who feel the genetics of individuals is key to everything.
    The fact wolves live in packs means whenever there are two packs there are viable genetics in the works. It is the Adam and Eve of all species vitality….. not some “marker” that has a bit different strain to it. Yes, the chromozones show the end result of viability but it is not what CAUSES vitality of species.

    Again, I see the basis for their arguments, like all geneticists, as viewing animals as mere multiples of individuals…even though they see wolves living in packs.

    Whether it is grazers or predators, such as wolf pack forming groups, it all comes down to level of functional extended family infrastructure(s) as the litmus to species vitality. first culture is obtained then genetic variation. It helps little if animals with “genetic variety” are introduced or monitored for individual vitality offspring if the animals are not allowed to live normal family forming lives. This line of management is not species sustainable.

    I see geneticists today as those in supposed “science based management”, as ARYANS who dwell on the amount of mutants in any population as the main guidline for species success. Hard science success yes, but they haven’t the foggest of how to take hard science and see how it got that way by applied science means. So There!!!

  5. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears


    I agree, and they should all be thrown out of the lifetime political career positions and we as a nation should start over with new blood..


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