Rare sockeye salmon get boost at Redfish Lake, Idaho

450 sockeye salmon into the lake near Stanley, Idaho-

Rare salmon get boost at Redfish. Sockeye released into lake after second summer of high returns. By Jon Duval. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer.

“no one has seen a sight like this since 1956. . .”

I wish I could have been there. Wonderful! I hope every year from now on there will more spawners and smolt in the lake that bears their name.

Photo of Redfish Lake from nearby mountains before the mountain pine bark beetle epidemic.





  1. Firebug Avatar

    Why are the sockeye trucked to Redfish Lake instead of swimming their way there?

  2. BrianTT Avatar

    That’s awesome. I remember Fish Hook Creek being red with them at the bridge by the lodge (or maybe those were Kokanee?). They have come a long ways in the last few years with this program.

  3. Chuck Avatar

    Kokanee are landlocked sockeye salmon.

  4. JB Avatar

    Good God, that’s beautiful (nice pic, Ralph)! I’ve really got to get back out West.


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