Disputed Solar Energy Project in California Desert Is Dropped

BrightSource Energy drops project in marvelous desert valley with bighorn sheep-

Disputed Solar Energy Project in California Desert Is Dropped. By Elisabeth Rosenthal. New York Times.

This had been a great Mohave Desert controversy, prompting Senator Feinstein to propose the area as a national monument instead. BrightSource says they are now looking for new site somewhere.



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  1. kt Avatar

    Kennedy’s investments in this helps explain NRDC’s promotion of inappropriately sited “renewables”.

  2. mikepost Avatar

    Keep your eyes on the areas surrounding the Carrizo Plains National Monument in California’s San Luis Obispo county. There are already a couple of similar proposals on sensitive ground and it is less than 100 miles from this site. No big horns; just tule elk, kit foxes, burrowing owls and a host of other listed or threatened species.


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