These self-starting manure fires are apparently all too common Southern California when it gets hot-

Well . . . another negative side effect of ranching!  Oh, and the location of the ranch where the fire began was kept a secret.

Story in the LA Times.

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6 Responses to Spontaneous combustion of manure at ranch starts big California fire

  1. avatar Brian Ertz says:

    wow – i’ve been getting lucky with some of my past footage

  2. avatar Karen V. Stefanini says:

    Red meat is so unhealthy that it should be banned. The fires started this way are a disgrace.

  3. avatar Jeff says:

    So is Ben and Jerry’s ban it too? Are you opposed to freedomin general or only when it suits your beliefs?

  4. avatar mikepost says:

    I have lived in Calif for 50 years and this is the first I have ever heard of a wildland fire being caused by spontaneous manure fire in this state. Perhaps because CA has stricter environmental standards that are applied to livestock operations one side benefit is the prevention of most such fires.

  5. avatar gline says:

    “I am so sick of hearing about biology…”

    What planet is he on?

  6. avatar gline says:

    Sorry wrong video/wrong comment


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