Bear Committee turns into jays; scolds Judge Molloy

Results of the Yellowstone Grizzly Coordinating Committee meeting Jackson, WY-

I think we see the real reason they are upset that the judge relisted the grizzly bear in this statement:

“Fremont County [Wyoming] Commissioner Pat Hickerson echoed Schwartz and several other commissioners when he said grizzly bears have begun to expand into areas where their presence is incompatible with activities such as producing livestock.[emphasis mine]. Once again, it’s the local noblemen who are upset.

Story on “the scolds” By Corey Hatch, Jackson Hole Daily.



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  1. Mike Avatar

    Every time you see a sentence starting with “county commissioner”, be prepared for a laugh.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    I was really disappointed in the tone and angle taken by this committee. There job was to fix the issues idenfied by Judge Molloy not to whine about his ruling. These professionals (if they indeed can be called this) need to address the shortcomings of the delisting process, instead the stomp their feet and complain that Molloy didn’t get it…clearly they don’t get it and extended protection is needed. Perhaps the Fremont County Commissioner needs to realize that maybe livestock operations in bear habitat are incompatible rather than insisting that bear’s on public grazing leases are the problem. Too bad they didn’t do anything constructive, on a positive note at least this will ensure long term protection.


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