Most favored alternative 3 in the state’s wolf plan-

While there seems to be no newspaper story on-line, I have heard from someone who attended the Seattle meeting on the Washington wolf plan. Wolf supporters dominated the meeting. Most of them favored alternative three, which is generally thought to be the alternative most favorable to the wolf, but is not proposed alternative.

Once again, acrobat pdf link to the plan.

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6 Responses to Wolf supporters dominate Seattle, WA meeting

  1. avatar gline says:

    No surprizes here…Not only is it the big city, but people are actually much more liberal. they need to move to smaller, rural ID towns!

  2. avatar gline says:

    *big city meaning wolves obviously couldnt live there, around Seattle perhaps…

  3. avatar Vielfrass says:


    What you say is true. The dynamic between the head of the WA cattlemen’s assoc and everyone else was interesting to see. Only one person spoke against a wolf plan (cattlemen’s). His argument did not have much merit other than to maintain power. Everyone else from hunters to hikers were in favor, especially of a coastal population in Olympic park. Another common theme was that not enough breeding pairs are allowed, esp compared to Midwestern wolves.

  4. avatar ProWolf in WY says:

    Nice to hear about some support.

  5. avatar JB says:

    “Only one person spoke against a wolf plan…”

    After attending some of these types of meetings in Utah, I find it hard to even imagine this scenario. Meetings in Utah always seemed to be dominated by ranchers and paranoid hunters, thanks to Don Peay and the so-called “Sportsmen” for Fish & Wildlife.

  6. avatar ProWolf in WY says:

    That Utah group is almost as entertaining to listen to as Ron Gillette or Rex Rammel.


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