Alberta opposes Parks Canada plan for bison in Banff-

I’m not suprised Alberta opposes it;  a regressive province, but it sure works for me.

Story in the Calgary Herald.

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6 Responses to Talk about reintroducing bison to Banff National Park area

  1. paulWTAMU says:

    Please do! Watching a large herd of bison was one of the most awe inspiring things I’ve ever done.

  2. There is no room for free-ranging bison on near the townsite of Banff, the busy Trans-Canada highway, or the Icefields Parkway.

    However, a quick look with Google Earth shows a lot of front range valleys with no roads where a small herd of bison could likely exist in peace.

  3. ProWolf in WY says:

    Hopefully other places can follow suit.

  4. jdubya says:

    paulWTAMU, you may like this: a little shaky (by hand) with a D90.

  5. Virginia says:

    Canada would be directly involved in this story I read at the DailyKos entitled “Saving Wild Places Will Save the Planet.” If interested, look under the topic Green Diary Rescue. The story is by Greg Harman for Environment News Service, addressing the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. It is about the timely and urgent topic of saving corridors for wildlife survival from Yellowstone to the Yukon as well as in India and other countries.

  6. Jackrabbit says:

    Cool video, jdubya. Where was it shot?


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